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Becoming the first US home furnishing retailer to sell
only LED bulbs and lamps, IKEA sheds new light on
home sustainability practices with a bold move to go
100% LED by 2016.

“This LED initiative follows past IKEA US leadership actions such as the phase out of
plastic bags in 2007 and incandescent bulbs in 2010.”


Today, there is a wide range of LED bulbs available at IKEA that enable customers to easily change old incandescent bulbs to LED without changing the lamp base. LED lighting is, until now, one of the best-kept secrets in home furnishing sustainability:
  • If one million people changed one bulb each into LED, this would in terms of CO2 emissions correspond to taking almost 6,700 cars off the road, or planting 17 million trees per year.
  • The total annual cost saving (including purchase price and energy consumption cost) of switching one incandescent 40W bulb to a corresponding LED bulb, is approximately $6.25 (5.3 Euro) on average.
  • LED bulbs can last nearly 20 years. That’s about 20 times longer than a typical incandescent, 10 times longer than a typical halogen and twice as long as a typical CFL.
  • LED bulbs use substantially less power than incandescents or CFLs. Replacing existing lighting with LEDs can save between 50% and 90% of lighting energy costs.
  • LEDs can be used almost anywhere – in any room in the house or in any business. LED replacements are already available for many bulb types and can fit virtually all of your existing lamps.
  • A recently conducted survey of 6,000 consumers in China, Russia, Germany, UK, US and Sweden (July 2012*), showed that many are not aware of the benefits of LED; however 60% express an interest in LED as an energy saver, especially as energy bills generally rise and 20-25% of the electricity cost in the home comes from lighting. The survey was performed by YouGov for IKEA.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that an increased adoption of LEDs over the next 15 years would:
    • Reduce electricity demands from lighting by 62 percent
    • Prevent 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions
    • Eliminate the need for 133 new power plants


100112_IKEA_LED_lighbulbinfo.pdf (application/pdf Object).




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