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In cooperation with the German online astrology magazine LOOP!, we regularly publish astrological articles on current events. Directly to the LOOP! entry page
A Conversation with Alois Treindl, by Tem Tarriktar

coverTem Tarriktar is the founder and publisher of the renowned American magazine The Mountain Astrologer. He interviewed the founder and director of Astrodienst at UAC in New Orleans. If you want to know more about Alois Treindl’s passion for astrology and how it all began you should read this interview. Read interview

Mapping the Psyche, Vol.1 and 2, by Clare Martin
Mapping the Psyche“Mapping the Psyche” by Clare Martin is a transcript of an introductory course in psychological astrology given for the CPA. In the first of three volumes, the basic building blocks of astrological language are presented. The second terme explores the planetary aspects and the houses of the horoscope.
Current Planets
12-Aug-2013, 00:17 UT/GMT
Sun 19 28’28”
Moon 18 58’38”
Mercury 6 15’36”
Venus 24 29’43”
Mars 19 35’56”
Jupiter 10 15′ 1″
Saturn 5 47’26”
Uranus 12 16’12″r
Neptune 4 22’18″r
Pluto 9 21’44″r
TrueNode 11 15′ 6″r
Chiron 12 29’18″r
Explanations of the symbols
Chart of the moment
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