*** Updated Site to WordPress 4.0 Today! ****

Hey there folks! Today I am doing some updates on the site. I’ve gone ahead and updated the software to version 4.0 so I guess we’ll see if it causes any issues. Also, I backed up my site. In case you are wondering how to do that, here was my process: 1) Tools>Export>Everything. This will […]

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News | Engage In-Store – Employment Project

[object HTMLTextAreaElement] via News | Engage In-Store.

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Facebook Obsoletes Less Than Year-Old Facebook Application Development For Dummies Book!

Facebook Obsoletes Less Than Year-Old Facebook Application Development For Dummies Book! 2012.04.17 Just a quick rant here.  In what must be some kind of record, Facebook has pretty much made obsolete the book Facebook Application Development For Dummies (Wiley, by Jesse Stay), which I purchased about 7 months ago (August 2011 — only 3 months […]

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Building A PHP Database Connection Class From Scratch (using Singleton & ActiveRecord patterns)

Greetings folks. Tonight I’m studying on how to create a PHP Object-Oriented MySQL database connection class.  This will be reusable and able to be implemented in any database driven web application built with PHP & MySQL.  It uses the ActiveRecord and Singleton design patterns. I’m currently following this YouTube tutorial: Using OOP PHP to select, […]

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PHP View Utilities Code Debugger – A Wrapper For print_r function

Greetings folks. If you’ve ever gotten tired of having to type: [sourcecode language=”php” htmlscript=”true”] echo "<pre>"; print_r($some_var); echo "</pre>"; [/sourcecode] you are going to love the little debugger class I built. This is a very simple, basic class which doesn’t use patterns or anything fancy.  Actually, it may indeed use patterns that I’m not familiar […]

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Powershell – Executing commands which require quotes and variables is practically impossible!

Executing commands which require quotes and variables is practically impossible: Microsoft Connect This is an interesting forum thread about what I’ve spent the last 2 hours researching:  How to properly quote commands with parameters and interpolated paths so that they will execute as a command.  Doesn’t seem like it should be so hard.  Here is […]

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Q & A: How To Schedule Publishing Of Multiple Posts in WordPress?

Hi folks, I’ve been receiving some tech questions lately so I decided I’d start answering them on the blog so others can benefit as well. Our next question is from Nadine in Houston, TX: Question: How do I schedule multiple posts in  For instance, let’s say I want to make a queue or stack […]

Read more PHP MySQL WAMP Project: Widget Corp – Progress Update – 2012.02.07

Hello folks.  I’ve been doing a tutorial called PHP With MySQL Essential Training.  I’ve actually been doing aboutg 2-8 hours per week of the multiple, sequential lessons that are involved in this excellent hands-on tutorial for about a month now. At this point, I have completed all the basic PHP and MySQL material, and […]

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My first blog!!!

Greetings, This is my first blog on a non-social networking site like Myspace or Facebook.  Enjoy! [ARCHIVE – KEEP FOR POSTERITY] 🙂

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