SOLVED: So, Why Do I get “Unable to complete Genuine Windows Validation” When I Know For A Fact It Was Already Validated???

Why am I all-of-a-sudden being required to RE-VALIDATE my copy of Windows, which I know for a fact is Genuine??? I started this post out looking at this article: How to Remove “Unable to Complete Genuine Windows Validation” | Well, I’ll let you know after I restart if these steps worked…. (… AFTER REBOOT […]

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Hacktivist Leader Turns on Fellow LulzSec Bretheren – Cooperates With Feds

According to Brit Dee over at Activist Post: At a time when governments are working hard to stifle internet freedoms — just today, the British government was given the green light to implement the draconian Digital Economy Bill and start implementing sanctions on alleged illegal downloaders — LulzSec‘s and Anonymous‘ attacks provide the authorities with the perfect justification for […]

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Mozilla Collusion Could Be A Godsend For Privacy Advocates – Is Google Adwords-Adsense In Jeopardy?

Mozilla unveiled a new privacy add-on called Collusion last Wednesday (February 29). Developed by Mozilla’s in-house programmers, and backed by the Ford Foundation, Collusion enables you to se a visual relationship map of all the advertisers and entities who are tracking your online activity, in real-time. Gary Kovacs, (CEO of Mozilla), had this to say […]

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