How to Clean Milk Stains In A Car or Vehicle

Hint:  Vinegar seems to be the best overall answer, although the issue really has not been conclusively resolved. 🙁  Review the links below for more info: (EXCERPTS FROM: RE: Cleaning Milk Stain In Car By Harvey (Guest Post) My granddaughter spilled some milk on the rear seat of my car. I wasn’t aware of it […]

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Your General Motors bonds aren’t worth much any more … (or WTF is MTLQQ & Where The F*** Is My Money?)

(Fearing this article will disappear, I have copied it from  All credit for the article goes to Matt Krantz), though the image is sourced from a different site.) Q: What’s going to happen to my $300,000 of General Motors bonds? A: I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you. First, you no longer own […]

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