Month: June 2012

sneezing itchy eyes possible allergies

I know I have sneezing itchy eyes watery eyes um hard to keep my eyes open possible allergies … I just remember that some call ecanatia is good for indicated for sneezing in and allergies from the skype thing humbly with my buddy … sorry tired some voice isn’t as good as it should be […]

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Feel-Good-Music-Videos Inspired by Tyrone Wells’ “Freedom”

Tyrone Wells – “Freedom” Music Video – YouTube (and other Feel Good Music) This is a great video in the genre of pop-folk/chill.  After watching this I was inspired to create a FEEL GOOD CHILL MUSIC video playlist on YouTube.  Some of the songs included on this list are: Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes […]

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My Poop Smells Like Ammonia After Resuming Normal Food After 3 Month Fast

So let me update you on my situation of late.  I moved back to Iowa from Florida to tie up loose ends and clean out my storage on my way to Oregon.  It took about $400 for the gas and food to get here in a little less than 2 days.  I started with $1000 […]

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