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CURATED ARCHIVE: URGENT UPDATE on Connecticut Shooting | Short Little Rebel

I had referenced this article in a 2012 post of mine. Now imagine my surprise when yesterday, upon trying to access it, I see this: Thus, I have determined today (2021-09-27) to preserve the content of the post for posterity. I am also including author info and the original link to the site. URGENT UPDATE […]

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Church Notes: 2021-09-26 — Church International (Prophet Robin D. Bullock)

A prophetic healing dream Published: 2021-09-25 Jesus is the head, but you and I are to BODY. “It’s time to manifest grace” “You are [God’s] voice” “It’s time for the lions to ROAR in this world” Jackals will go silent once they hear the lions ROAR! “Dontcha think it’s time to dance” Do NOT let […]

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Journal Notes: A Better Organizational Plan for my Digital Files

Organizing My Digital Files I have come to the realization that it is time for a better logical organization system and process for my digital files. Lets first look at some of the challenges we need to overcome at present. The Main Challenge Whenever one is problem solving, the first step is to clearly identify […]

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Prophetic Dream: 2021-09-25 — Solution for Constipation and Digestive Issues

A prophetic healing dream Published: 2021-09-25 The LORD spoke to me in my dream last night with a healing solution based in faith. Though it was through the words of a teenage white girl with long blonde hair. Here is what I remember. My body was plagued with symptoms of severe constipation last night. Though […]

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Prophetic Dream: 2021-09-08 — Spanish Brothers, Child Traffickers, and Saving Young Mothers

A prophetic dream summary Published: 2021-09-08 I am writing about this dream after the fact. I thought I already published this one, but apparently I didn’t, so here we go. In the dream there was a young mother who was pregnant and had about a six year old daughter. She was held captive along with […]

Memes: Christianity (zombie Jesus) vs Atheism (nothingness & dinosaurs) (via
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A Message of Love to Pagans and Witches from a Prophet of the LORD

A Christian Apologetic Coverage of False Gods and Their Worship Published: 2021-09-20 Jesus Christ is LORD. All other gods are false images of Satan. Jesus gave his followers POWER. Many of you are here because of weak churches. No more! Seek Jesus and He will find you and you shall receive not only power, but […]

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Druids: The Gruesome Origins of Halloween (Part 1)

The Satanic Origins of Halloween and How Halloween is Anti-God and Anti-Christ (Part 1) Published: 2021-09-14 God spoke to me yesterday and told me to start researching and writing a sermon about the origins of Halloween. His intent seems to be for me to have a clear understanding of how the different specific aspects of […]