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Ambitious Plans to Become A Master Programmer and Heal My Digestive Issues

Ambitious Plans to Become A Master Programmer and Heal My Digestive Issues


8:18 PM

So, today at work I had a “milestone” review.  I was assigned on last Wednesday (I think) …  Bear with me because I am slightly tired as I write this, but I need to do it now, or it will just never get done.  I’ve been meaning to blog for months and only now after a harsh but productive wake-up call at work have I been able to motivate myself past the tiredness to do this.

As I was saying though, I was assigned a “test” project by my direct supervisor which had actually come down from his supervisor.  The instructions given were sparse and consisted of “you can only use google to look-up answers and solutions”.  The task as I understood it was write client-side validation in jQuery (no AJAX or PHP or anthing else except HMTL & css) …


1)  Learn how and implement integrating jQuery into WordPress

2)  Go on Craigslist and find some freelance web-design opportunites.  Charge a nominal fee with the caveat to the client that “I will build you a website … if you like it, pay me” … or something to that effect.

3)  Ok, so I need to get my desktop (Windows, though I have nothing against other OS‘s) organized, folders and files renamed to follow a consistent scheme

4)  Figure out the best convention/framework, or otherwise “way-of-doing” … brain fart.

… This will seem RANDOM to some, but …
I’m totally having this thing where it’s only 8:30 at night and sitting up typing this I am getting sleepy.  But when I lie down and try to fall asleep I can’t!  Then all I can do is lay on my bed watching puter-tainment (that’s where I watch TV shows or Movies on my computer from Netflix, Amazon, etc.)  Maybe it has something to do with sitting and compressing my abdomen vs laying flat??  Who can say … but, I have to stop for now because my eyelids are closing.

Until next time … (don’t worry, I’m working on coming up with a catchy exit slogan)

10:08 PM – See that’s what I’m talking about.  I didn’t go to sleep.  I ended up spending 20 minutes gathering and editing beach photos into a nice background for the “Moving To Panama City” blog below.  I uploaded my photos to photobucket and for some reason WordPress keeps converting my url to have ampersands in unexpected places (like in between two digits!).  So, that’s what I’ve been working on (see, that’s the ADD) … BUT  now I have to stop and rest of a couple hours … we’ll see.

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