Asimov On The Key To Living A Happy Life. Or Not

Originally published: 06/13/2010

The Key To Happiness

I have come to the conclusion that sound reasoning tempered with experience, empathy for others, and respect for one’s body and soul guided by a rational world-view is the formula for living a healthy, happy, productive life. – Isaac Asimov

I totally made this so-called Asimov quote up … I wonder how many people will catch this fact, and how many will perhaps quote it in their writings and speeches?


I originally published this “quote” as a social test. Know how often smart and true sayings get attributed to people who didn’t acctually say them, I decided to to test a theory that if I posted some thought of mine and attributed it to the famous scientist and philosopher Albert Einstein, that — much like other popular phrases, memes, and quotes attributed to he and the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Buddha, and Mother Teresa — it would soon get spread all over the internet and go viral in popularity. I tried this with two made-up quotations. One was this one, the other something about an African cheetah proverb.


The only places this quote was ever seen on the internet was on two blog websites, both owned by yours truly.


The spread of one idea in a sea of information is not likely to go viral organically. There likely must be support and buy-in from stakeholders, perhaps influencers who believe in your cause, message, or brand. Those influencers will then share your idea or content with their followers. Exposure and awareness would then explode exponentially, rather than incrementally.

I realize now, eight years later, that to have been successful, I would have needed to market and publicize this particular post. Of course, I had only just heard of SEO at that time and “internet marketing” sounded like a scam to me. I guess anything worthwhile must be campaigned for if competion for attention is high.

“Anything worthwhile must be campaigned for if competion for attention is high.”

This experiment is no concluded.

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