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Breaking News: Geneva, Alabama Braces for Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael WeatherBug 2018-10-10
Hurricane Michael WeatherBug 2018-10-10

This is a special weather bulletin.

I’m sitting in my living room as I write this listening to Hepperle Manor’s 3 sets of wind chimes bang and clash as the rain pours down on our metal roof. Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall today and residents of Geneva, Alabama are bracing for the storm.

My next door neighbor Scott just told me that during Hurricane Opal (1995) power was out for a week in Geneva.

My first hurricane was Irene in 2011. I was living in Panama City Beach, Florida and working as a Software Developer at My apartment was on Beach St., two blocks from the beach. From my 2nd floor window I could clearly see lots of crashing waves, but they weren’t very big at all. The turbulent shore was a result of the hurricane passing around the East edge of the Florida peninsula. My co-workers who had lived in Panama City all their lives said hurricanes rarely go into the Gulf of Mexico. That was a comforting thought.

But, this hurricane is different. Michael, an ancient Hebrew name meaning “who is like God“, is poised to demonstrate his destructive power. In the Bible, Michael is the archangel in charge of God’s armies. He is a compassionate leader and a protector of the Jewish people, the chosen ones. It strikes me that perhaps this Hurricane is an answer to somebody’s prayers.

Some are saying this is a time of highly charged energy with respect to the moon. Aluna Ash, a popular clairvoyant on YouTube explains that heightened solar activity and geomagnetic storms are causing this new moon to feel like a super-intense full moon. This solar activity, she says, “charges the surface of the moon and creates a highly-charged surface on the moon; a negative charge at night, positive charge during the day”. We all know that the full moon has a very strong magnetic effect on tides and can produce large tidal waves. Now combine that “false-moon” effect with the Earth making natural adjustments as it must do from time to time and no wonder the result we see with this massive category 4 hurricane we have upon our doorstep. During these times of intense energy Ms. Ash says people may experience side effects including headaches, shoulder aches, tension headaches, and more.

“Solar activity and increasing geomagnetic storms … creates a highly-charged surface on the moon; a negative charge at night, positive charge during the day”

If you live in Geneva County and are looking for a shelter, St. Elizabeth Church at 611 Florida St. in Geneva/Eunola is open to anyone. Reportedly Geneva county has a severe lack of dedicated storm shelters that makes riding a Category 4 hurricane like Michael out a dangerous proposition indeed.

National news outlets including are calling Hurricane Michael, a category 4, unprecedented. We are witnessing history, folks. Let’s all be safe out there and remember to have compassion for others.

Well, I’ll keep reporting and posting pics and vids as long as my internet keeps working.

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