BREAKING NEWS: Government Times Sandy Hook Elementary Shootings to Force Law Abiding Citizens to Give Up Their Right To Bear Arms (… which could also be called the RIGHT OF PERSONAL PROTECTION)!!!

Second Amendment For Dummies
Second Amendment For Dummies



This is for those who don’t realize what is going on here:  The Sandy Hook shootings in CT and the Batman shooting in Aurora, CO are conveniently timed to generate enough fear in average citizens, ignorant that this is a tactic used by governments throughout history, to disarm the citizenry.  If you are afraid of gun violence and think that “Banning” guns in any way is a good solution, then this post is for you.

I urge you to read Short Little Rebel‘s post here.  She gives a good perspective on the true meaning of the “random” shootings in Newtown, CT.  Also, since I know what the US government is capable of, I was not surprised at all to hear on the local news that a fully loaded gun was found in a movie theater by a bunch of children on a field trip to see the new Hobbit movie.  This was obviously planted to try and generate more outrage and fear in the public.  What typically happens with this type of tactic is they make you so scared that you are willing to OVERRIDE YOUR COMMON SENSE and you will BEG THEM TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS.

Further, for those who still don’t understand, they take away your freedom by telling you first “This is only going to apply to Felons who committed violent crime“.  After you fall for that lie, they will get you to agree to take away guns from another group, lets say the mentally ill, for instance.  This is convenient, because mental illness runs on a spectrum.  You will agree to it because you think they’re only talking about psychopaths, but to your dismay, you may soon realize your folly.

“[We] are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.” — Aldous Huxley, UC Berkeley 1962

Think of all the people you know, including yourself.  If you think about it, whether they have been diagnosed or not, and irrespective of if they seem to live a normal life or not, ALMOST EVERYONE YOU KNOW COULD BE CLASSIFIED AS HAVING A MENTAL DISORDER!  Don’t believe me?  Here are some Mental Disorders designated by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) (Wikipedia: List of mental disorders):

Adjustment Disorder: occurs when an individual is unable to adjust to or cope with a particular stressor, like a major life event. Since people with this disorder normally have symptoms that depressed people do, such as general loss of interest, feelings of hopelessness and crying, this disorder is also sometimes known as situational depression.

Antisocial Behavior: behaviour that lacks consideration for others and may cause damage to the society, whether intentionally or through negligence.  Antisocial behaviour is labeled as such when it is deemed contrary to prevailing norms for social conduct. This encompasses a large spectrum of actions. Murder, rape, use of illegal substances, and a wide variety of activities are deemed anti-social behaviours. In addition to actions that oppose established law, anti-social actions also include activities that members of society and objectionable even if they are legal, such as drunkenness and sexual promiscuity.

Now, there are literally hundreds of mental disorders, but I think I can illustrate the point easily with these two alone.

The goal of the government/powers-that-be/oligarchy is going to be to eventually prevent everyone but them and their enforcers from having any weapons at all, with which the citizenry can defend themselves, their possessions, & their family.


A quick outline of How To Get Guns Banned On Public Transportation:

  • Use false-flag attacks to scare the populace into thinking there is a “gun violence problem”.
  • Since you (the government) engineered the attacks in the first place, you know the characteristics of the shooter.  It is often convenient to frame  a whistle-blower who can disrupt the plans of your cabal as “the shooter”, also known as a “patsy”.  The real shooter should be someone who is trained in effective killing techniques, most likely military (soldier, sniper, CIA etc.)
  • Another good option is to use mind control/brainwashing techniques to build your own “Manchurian candidate” sleeper soldier from a normal, law-abiding citizen.  This person can be of any age past puberty and need not already be trained in firearms usage.  Your trainers can take care of that.
  • To get the populace to agree to let you “take meaningful steps” toward “reducing gun violence”, the shooter must appear to either be psychotic, disturbed, or a zealot of some sort.  In the case of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, the shooter is presented as being autistic and therefore, having a mental disorder.  This is perfect, because you don’t even have to tell the people what you want — they will draw the conclusion you have led them to (via. Occam’s Razor, which says the most likely answer is usually the correct one), and will actually beg you to take steps so “senseless tragedies” like this can never happen again.  In the case of Sandy Hook, the knee-jerk response for the public at large is to call for “greater school security” and preventing the relevant abnormal group (in this case, autistics) from having guns.



Two-Pronged Approach – Repression Disguised As Greater Security & Removing Gun Ownership From Targeted Groups

The populace will likely consider two options as tandem solutions.  The first is to have greater security either everywhere overall, or at whatever location-type the shootings occur at.  So, let’s say your cabal is planning down the road to takeover public transportation.  In your plans, military personnel board and run your trains for you, and take complete control of the freedom of the riders.  Now you have to determine your most common obstacle that you could face during your takeover — You guessed it — citizen opposition! Anyone who has a firearm of any sort on the train/subway/bus, etc. could possibly try to be a hero and prevent your takeover.  You could even lose some of your well-trained soldiers and martial police, and we both know you don’t need the expense involved in that.

So, your first order of business then is to make sure nobody has a gun (or knife … or weapon of any kind, for that matter) on public transportation vehicles.  You must do this several years ahead of time (10-20) because the people usually relinquish their freedoms much easier when you only rob them a little at a time, gradually.  You must remove their rights periodically until in they end all their rights are gone and you and your cabal now have complete and utter control.  For now, however, let’s just concentrate on getting guns banned on public transportation.

You must remove their rights periodically until in they end all their rights are gone and you and your cabal now have complete and utter control.

1) Decide on a target.  For our example, we will chose a above ground train, as it is likely to get more notice from bystanders who will give credence and awareness of your planned shooting, though they will have no way to know that it was not a random event.

2) You can use many techniques to accomplish the massacre, including using mind control to build a “sleeper” out of some random, average person, who when they experience the trigger that you set up for them in hypnosis, will do you bidding as they were programmed and shoot everyone on the bus.  You could also blackmail someone or threaten someone’s family into committing these atrocities.  Another option, is pick a patriotic citizen as a patsy.  You will have to use elaborate schemes with this third option, because somehow, you will have to convince this person that by murdering all these people he doesn’t know that he is saving the world, etc.  Let’s choose option 1, the sleeper option.

Using Mind Control Techniques to Build Your Sleeper

People are susceptible to mind control on a spectrum.  In other words, some are very susceptible, and others you will find extremeley difficult to manipulate in this way without throwing abuse and torture in the mix.  We will avoid abuse and torture.  Since hypnotizability is a good indicator of who is suited to be a sleeper, you should find a way to hypnotize multiple people without them knowing it.  A good way to do this is to put Mental Health Physicians and Educational Personnel on your payroll.

A) A scenario that has been used to great effect is the Sleeper-Via-Gamer.  This involves programming hypnotic suggestions into certain violent video games, mostly first-person shooters.  You are killing many birds with one stone this way.  First AND foremost, you are targeting individuals who have indicated propensity for killing (albeit virtually) by only activating your hypnotic suggestions for high-kill scores.  Your suggestion will cause the gamer to seek medical help at a certain location, and you will have covered your bases by monitoring for that person’s name and social, so if they go to another hospital for instance, you can dispatch your special doctors to where they are, or you can intercept and have them sent to your facility.  Either way, you now have identified someone who is capable of being a sleeper.

B) Once your potential sleeper is at your facility, your specialists will put the candidate under hypnosis and program the instructions and the trigger that will cause the candidate to shoot everyone with an fully-automatic assault rifle.  In this case, the trigger will be transmitted auditorilly by mobile phone.  In other words, your sleeper will board the train, not knowing he/she has been secretly programmed to be a homicidal maniac, so no one will be suspicious and hopefully, that will mean no survivors.

C) Now, you are not taking any chances, so you have your people program hundreds of sleepers, who can be activated by telephone as necessary.

D) Send all sleepers home after they have been thoroughly programmed and tested.  Teenagers and adolescents are good candidates, because they are naturally rebellious and somewhat antisocial at that age.  Folks expect strange, deceitful, disobedient behavior from people this age, so that will lessen the chance of your sleeper being confined somewhere when you need them, because they’ve “started acting strange lately”.

E) Chose a day in an election year to commit your massacre.  You want the people to beg for legislation to be passed to strip them of some of their freedom in return for a little temporary illusion of security — Sorry Ben, people are still pretty lazy and ignorant after two hundred years.  Given an appropriately orchestrated scare they will give up their freedom in a heartbeat in return for their lazy consumptive lifestyle they have grown accustomed to.

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” — Benjamin Franklin, c. 1775

D) Call your sleeper and give the trigger phrase then instruct them to board the train wearing a trenchcoat and carrying a fully-automatic machine gun (e.g.: AK-47 or an UZI — something easy to conceal).  After they’ve been on board for a few minutes, at the time of your choosing, call them on the phone and send them into an instant hypnotic state with the trigger phrase, at which time they should pull out the machine gun and start shooting everyone on the bus including men, women, children, & babies.  The goal is that everyone should be dead.  Should you want witnesses, plant another one of your sleepers on the bus and have sleeper A (the massacreist) pre-programmed not to harm sleeper B (the cleaner).  After sleeper A shoots everyone on the bus, you will have programmed him to shoot himself (commit suicide). This is the easiest way.  However, you may also chose to have sleeper B shoot him, if you want a “hero” to survive the tragedy.  This could prove beneficial going forward because your “hero” can will be allowed in an not be suspected by most people, so this person can do more murders for you down the road, and will never be a suspect.  Either way, if you leave any witnesses, they should always be programmed with the version of events that you want.

E) Since this happened in public, the people will watch the news to find out more information.  Those who were bystanders outside of the vehicle (on sidewalks, at stoplights, etc.) will want to tell their stories to reporters.  Once the buzz is going, the reporters will be on their way.  Have cops tell reporters that certain details can’t be revealed because “this is an ongoing investigation”.  That is a great pretense excuse for stalling while you ensure they get fed the information you want them to report.  Your goal will be to give them a headline that looks like the result of a macabre madlib.  Something like:



F) Keep the media in the dark about the true facts of the shooting.  They will naturally shoot for ratings by doing stories on people holding candlelight vigils, placing crosses for the victims etc.  Allow that course to continue for several days.  Have your politicians address this “tragedy” immediately so as not to seem insensitive.  At this stage, they should only appear to empathize and offer sincere condolences to the victims’ families.  No actions should be announced to the public yet.  You politicians should act like “all the facts aren’t in yet”, so that way they can take the position that they are still gathering facts and the case is under investigation.

G) After about 3 days or so, program the news to do stories on protests against gun violence that you have orchestrated in advance.  You will want to especially have protests led by women, and Moms in particular.  Moms will draw the sympathy of other moms watching on TV.  This is whom you most need to influence to bring about the changes you need, all the while letting these females believe it was their idea for your new “Anti-Gun legislation” that will, of course, be forthcoming.

H) On day 5 instruct your top politician (president, senator, governor, etc.) to announce a press conference scheduled for sometime on day 7,8,9, or 10.  This will prime everyone for your message which will be relayed through said top-dog government employee, and will appear to be his/her own words.

I) At your press conference, have your politician state that he recognizes concerns about violating second amendment rights, but that “with the mounting evidence of problems caused by guns” … “we can no longer afford to do nothing”.  That should satisfy the citizenry who feel that creating laws to ban guns is the right solution.  A majority of this demographic will included Moms, females, homosexual men, some hippies, and many who don’t own guns and have never felt the need.  What is common about these demos is they all have feminine (yin or passive) natures, and are easily susceptible to fear.  Of course this is a generalization, but trust it using the 80/20 rule; statistically it will fall within the standard bell-curve model.

Assure those independent-minded individuals who suspect you are trying to take away their guns that you are doing no such thing (when in actuality, that is exactly your agenda).  Tell them you understand their concerns about civil liberties and constitutional guarantees and that you are in no way trying to diminish those.  Pay lip service to the fact that you believe in the Constitution and what it stands for, yada-yada.  Follow by saying that you don’t want to make any hasty decisions so you are going to give it some careful thought in the next few weeks or months.  It may help to say you will be requesting “suggestions on solutions from my advisers”.  To seem “tough on (gun) crime” and appeal to the pacifist/anti-gun violence vote, you might even say that you are going to require of your team some “concrete proposals” by the end of the following month.  Of course this is just a charade/dog-and-pony show, since you have already written the legislation you want passed, and the right Congresspersons’ palms have been sufficiently greased to ensure speedy passage.

J) In the ensuing month, do what you can to make the victims’ parents call for legislation.  Again, use your agents to subtly suggest to these parents the idea that something should be done and new legislation should be called for.  If your agents do this right, some of the parents should come up with the idea of new “anti-gun” or “heightened security” legislation.  The key is they have to believe they thought of it themselves — even the dumbest sheeple can exact vicious revenge if they ever get the idea that they are being manipulated into these decisions/actions.

I) It is a good move to let the public propose your anti-gun legislation for you, but then to tell them it is too restrictive and that you can’t support it.  You can “send them back to the drawing board” to tweak the proposal and present it again.  Deny their proposals whatever it is at least once, but no more than 3 times.  This will enforce the idea in the sheeple’s minds that “This is definitely something I really, really wanted — why else would I have fought so hard for it?”  Then, the final version you agree to, make it look like a compromise.  The conservative base is composed of a lot of NRA members, so you must let conservative congresspeople oppose the bill in at least twice.  However, ultimately you own most of them anyway and the ones you don’t can be bought, blackmailed, intimidated or eliminated to ensure the 3 “revision” gets passed.

J) For your legislation to avoid REAL (as opposed to manufactured) opposition, it must not be sweeping in nature.  Rather, it should be precise and specify only a small subsection of Americans that have some affiliation/relevancy to the gunman.  Start with something 80% of the populace would get behind.  For instance you might start with the words “Ban firearms possession for:” and then just start with

1) Violent Felons

This would include rapists and murders, and since the majority of people are NOT rapist or murders, they will find that to be a reasonable solution.  Of the 80% that agree with your proposal, 35% will agree lackadaisically because they don’t really understand the issue, but are behind anything that “makes the streets safer” or “protects the children”.  Fortunately for you, these people are totally unaware of the failed track record of things they voted for “to protect the children” or “to keep the streets safe”.  If they had done enough research, they would in fact have found that tougher “anti-crime” measures GENERALLY INCREASE CRIME RATES and only serve to ENSURE CITY OFFICIALS CAN FEED THEIR FAMILIES at the expense of “honest,hard-working citizens” who become the victim of what we could easily call REPRESSION-INDUCED CRIME.  But, again, don’t worry about that — most people don’t do their research, so you don’t really have much to fear.

K) Now the easy part is over.  Once you’ve passed legislation banning guns for one group.  You can gradually start knocking off other groups as well.  All you have to do is make sure there is some “clear” association with the shooter/patsy to said group.  Here is the order in which I would recommend stripping gun-ownersip rights away from everyone:

2) Non-Violent Felons – Many people use marijuana recreationally, and since your cabal has caused marijuana to be classified as a scheduled drug, what used to be misdemeanor is will not earn a Felony, though it is not a violent crime.  Many non-violent offenders are also poor and disenfranchised, and would be most likely to rebel against your status quot, so by classifying them as felons you have removed a significant number of free-thinkers who might potentially try to oppose you and your cabal.

3) Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or any derivative – You want to remove gun ownership from any free-thinking, independent people who can make up their own mind, as they are most likely to oppose you.  Therefore, you must somehow discredit free-thinkers and those who question authority.  Also, you should assign them a label indicating they have some sort of disease.  Make up a disease, for instance Attention Deficit Disorder, which will give you an excuse to legally tranquilize and socially anesthetize these potential revolution leaders, when they are young, at the first sign of their quick-mindedness, who could end up causing you trouble.  You might market the addictive narcotic under the name of Ritterlin, for instance.  This will effectively sedate all these potential revolutionaries and get them addicted to (read: dependent on) your tranquilizer, such that they will feel awful if they don’t take it.  Now they are trapped!  You must have students of a school shoot up that school and massacre their classmates and a history of ADD must be well-documented.

Now the usual group of fraidy-cats … er, I mean “voters” will call for new, tougher legislation, and now you can ban gun ownership for ADD people.  This will of course coincide with your false-diagnosing more and more potential leaders with ADD, when they are in elementary school.  Of course you should also take full advantage of the aftermath of your school shooting to push “tougher legislation” for more “security” in schools.

You will probably get free reign to install surveillance equipment, metal detectors, and onsite “security” personnel.  You probably could station up to 6 police officers on campus at all times.  Their job would be to identify anyone who doesn’t “have respect for authority” and pull dirty cop tricks to force an innocent student into a “resisting arrest”, “interfering with official acts”, “obstruction of justice” or some other bogus all-purpose charge.  They will be responsible for creating Felons for you by “busting” kids for possession of marijuana, which many of the kids will be “guilty” of.

4) Atheists – Those who don’t belong to any organized religion are often free-thinkers and are harder to deceive than most.

5) Antisocial Disorder – Identify potential revolutionaries in the making at a young age.  Those who don’t blindly follow authority, who actively question it, and who have a penchant for creative problem-solving will be your targets.  If their parents won’t let you classify them as ADD, you can always wait for them to get themselves into trouble by fighting or playing some kind of juvenile, but relatively harmless prank on school grounds, then you can ensure that they get processed into the electronic plantation.

You must of course take care to exaggerate and blow-out-of-proportion the scope of the offense so that it appears that the student needs “psychiatric help”.  Usually, you can convice even the most freedom-minded parents to agree to psychiatric evaluation, because they want to believe they are doing the best they can and helping their kids in every way possible.  This will now be your in.  You can now have your psychiatrist false-diagnose the kid as having “Antisocial Disorder”.  Prescribe an addictive narcotic mood-enhancing “happy pill” as medication and now the kid will be trapped.  Do this for several years until (5 or so) until you have built up a significant population of students diagnosed with this “condition”.  When it is well-known enough, then you plan another school shooting, and make sure the media learns of his being “treated” for Antisocial Disorder, then they will effectively beg you to pass legislation keeping this group from owning guns.

The interesting thing is that YOU CAN PAINT MANY PEOPLE AS ANTISOCIAL, including those whose only vice is enjoying alcohol consumption, or sex with multiple partners.  Many people don’t realize that since these are not considered “the norm”, they are therefore classified as “antisocial”.

Start off just diagnosing this on people who’ve had altercations at work, school, or in the home.  Eventually, the people will aquiesce to you the ability to classify ANY DRUNK or PROSTITUTE as antisocial.  In the end when it is “common knowledge” that drunks and whores are all antisocial, you can expand even further to include not drunks, but anyone who enjoys a bit a drink and can handle their liquor well, and people who have sex that aren’t married.

6) Immigrants – The final group you should target are immigrants.  Immigrants have a preservative, adventuresome, fighing, survivalist spirit by nature — otherwise they wouldn’t have invested the time, money, and effort to come to this country.  First generation immigrants teach their second generation, US born offspring about what freedoms are afforded by the constitution, and many of them have had to literally fight to survive and have learned to defend themselves and their families from attack.  This group has that fighting, hardworking, tough, rebelious spirit that can organize and revolt against your best laid plans.  Therefore, you must scapegoat immigrants for a mass murder as a group, as well.

You probably want to start a meetup group/organization/union for disgruntled immigrant workers.  This way you can keep an eye on them and what their complaints are.  Use your planted agents and shills to try to goad these disgruntled immigrants into bombing, shooting, or taking hostages at their former place of business.  The best places will be in a meat-packing plant, residential construction/roofing crew, or on a farm.  It must be understood that though some immigrants will be collateral damage, the attack is primarily focused at the Upper-class, white, male power structure.

Once you have scapegoated Hispanics, then focus on the Chinese (who will be coming again soon), and eventually Canadians.

By this point you will have taken guns away from enough people and trapped enough free-thinkers and potential Thomas Jeffersons, Ben Franklins, Elizabeth Cady Stantons, Malcolm X’s, Martin Luther Kings, Thomas Paines & Patrick Henrys in “the system” that only the sheeple will be left.  You can then call for consolidation of power, get yourself named emperor/king/high lord, etc and then start making instant sweeping changes including declaring martial law and confiscating everyone’s gold.



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