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Eric Hepperle - Owner of Eric Hepperle Geneva Web Design, and Executive Director of the Greater Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce, Geneva, Alabama

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director First Order of Business: Confession

When I began serving as the new Executive Director of the Greater Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce (Geneva, Alabama) last week, I had not anticipated the commotion that my past would cause. After concerns were brought on Facebook by certain residents of Geneva, I sat in deep contemplation and prayed to God for an answer […]

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The Super blood blue moon on January 31st , 2018 might look like this. (Credit: ulrikebohr570, licensed under CC0 1.0)

Rare Super Blood Blue Moon Tomorrow!

Early Wednesday morning, according to the New York Times, a total lunar eclipse (where the Earth moves between the sun and the moon), a supermoon, blue moon, and blood moon will coincide in what is being termed a “super blood blue moon”. To understand how rare such an event is, the last time anyone on Earth had the good fortune to witness this celestial phenomenon was on March 31, 1866 (EliteDaily), a little over a year after the civil war ended!

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Journeys In Intentional Community Living – Dreamseed Collective (Part 1)

2015.01.25 DAY 1 We set out from Portland, Oregon yesterday and arrived at Dreamseed Collective in Snohomish, Washington around 8 PM last night. When we got here, we were greeted by Jodi, one of the owners of the property and founder of Dreamseed. She was very kind an greeted us with a hug. After all […]

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Drafts Scheduler WordPress Plugin Not Working.

2015.03.18 Just a quick note that Drafts Scheduler plugin isn’t working. 🙁 I tried it out for scheduling over the course of three (3) weeks about five or six times. I learned that it seemed to work as described the first 3 times, but not the next 3 times, and there is nothing I can […]

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Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 8

10/27/14 7:30 AM Woke up and got dressed. Felt constipated so grabbed my tea-ball and made some Heal-All Tea from Nature’s Botanical Pharmacy. Did 60 crunches, 3 5-finger pushups, & 200 dahn-jon taps. Had a bowel movement about an hour later. Installed DAMN NFO Viewer v2.10.0032 RC3 (latest version from 2002 — yes, it’s that […]

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Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 7

10/26/14 6:21 PM   Today I took it easy, didn’t go anywhere, and slept in until 10 AM. I transferred a bunch of tutorials and software to my Seagate Backup Plus external USB hard drive, from my Western Digital MyBook array, so that I could source everything from my 1TB Seagate.   I installed VoidTools […]

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Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 6

10/25/14 3:00 PM Took my two older laptops and donated them to Free Geek, in downtown Portland. Mailed my HP Pavilion 17 laptop for service @ FedEx today. Need to scan the receipt because it is that dissappearing ink that fades away. 10:40 PM Installed VoidTools Everything. This is an excellent free Windows indexing/searching program […]

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Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 5

10/24/14 I finished backing up my hard drive on my HP Pavilion 17 laptop around 4 PM. I tried, unsuccessfully, for over an hour to get my hard drive to restore, but it kept giving me an error to the effect of “the restore partition is bad“. Tomorrow I will remove the extra RAM I […]

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Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 4

10.23.14 11:16 AM I just finished writing a story about me jogging to clear my head and changing a bad habit pattern of lethargy into vitality called … I published my Dell Computer Setup journal from yesterday, and managed to change the timezone to “Los Angeles” in WordPress, so I should be able to keep […]

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Setting Up My New Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) Laptop – Part 3

2014.10.22 Today so far Today is my younger brother’s birthday, so I called an wished him a Happy Birthday. Since this is day 2 of easing back into eating from my fast, I ate a can of Amy’s Thai Coconut soup. It was delicious! I also spent about an hour or so adding images and […]

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