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Asimov On The Key To Living A Happy Life. Or Not

Originally published: 06/13/2010 The Key To Happiness I have come to the conclusion that sound reasoning tempered with experience, empathy for others, and respect for one’s body and soul guided by a rational world-view is the formula for living a healthy, happy, productive life. – Isaac Asimov I totally made this so-called Asimov quote up […]

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Conversations With God: Chronicles of Metatron – Pt. 1

Greetings Earthlings! You may think because my attitude is at times whimsical and sometimes sarcastic, that this is a work of fiction.  Let me assure you brethren and sistren — this is no joke.  These are the chronicles of actual things that have been spoken to my by God and the Archangel Metatron in these […]

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Running With Coyote Spirit: How I Stopped Being Lazy, Depressed, & Lethargic and Began Living In Vitality!

2014.10.23 Breaking away from old habits Last night I felt very lethargic. My pattern for the past 4 weeks–ever since I started attending Fall classes–has been to retire to the bedroom when the sun disappears and proceed to try to stay warm under several layers of covers while watching up 3-4 movies in a row […]

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Vocabulary: GNOSTIC, AGNOSTIC, & ATHEIST Definitions.

(09/08/09) – 10:30PM – 12:47AM Ok, Great GRAB-A-BREW tonite! One of the questions that came up during discussion topics was what is the difference between GNOSTIC, AGNOSTIC, and ATHEIST. As, promised, here is what I found: (It is useful to note that the understood meaning of these words have indeed changed through the millennia) Although […]