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Northwest Veg – Portland Vegfest 2012

Portland VegFest 2012 Oregon’s largest plant-based food event! Saturday & Sunday, September 22 & 23 Oregon Convention Center – Exhibit Hall A 777 NE MLK, Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR 97232 Saturday & Sunday: 10am-6pm $6 admission/day, kids 10 and under free Bring your own bag to collect samples and info Click here to download a […]

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Day 3 of Fruit Fast: Conditioning and Fasting

Conditioning and Fasting 12/28/11 Well today was day 3 of my first month of fruit fasting.  It wasn’t too bad.  I have been on vacation from work this week.  Forgive me if this reads like a kindergartener wrote it, but I’m in pain at the moment so my thoughts are being pulled in various directions. […]

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Green Juice Fast – Day 10

Green Juice Fast – Day 10 11/20/11 Last night was the worst so far.  I feel like I kinda know what Jesus felt like when he was alone in the desert for 40 days.  The devil came to me last night while I was watching online entertainment … I forget what it was.  Anyway, a […]

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Green Juice Fast – Day 9

Green Juice Fast – Day 9 11/19/11 2:45 PM Today I noticed some interesting physical developments in my body.  But first, let me fill you in on events of the last 3 days. When I last blogged I was telling you all about different butt-itch remedies including the peppermint salve and the bentonite clay.  Unfortunately, […]

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Green Juice Fast – Day 3

Green Juice Fast – Day 3 11/12/11 Well today was day 3 of my first month of juice fasting.  I discovered that $30 of produce that will fit in a roughly 15 gallon tub will last me at least 2 days.  Really, my experience throughout the last year is that anywhere you go, a decent […]

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Day 2, or as I like call it: The NEW day 1

11/11/11 (8:30 PM) So I broke down yesterday, after drinking juice all day at work, when I got home and ended up eating some nut mix and some oriental crackers, and chocolate covered toffe nuts (delish!).   I was just way hungry and my burning hemorrhoid was really putting a damper on my day.  That’s why this is now […]

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