Changing WordPress Themes

According to the info on my WordPress Dashboard I’m currently using this theme:

Arise EHW  , a child theme of of the Arise theme by

It’s a free theme, but I think it is to “clinical” and not fun or welcoming enough for a personal blog. I’m looking for a more relaxed theme. I won’t be able to do much customization because of time constraints, so I’m basically looking for something that has what I need already.

Look at these screenshots of the current homepage:

This is what the blog layout looks like:

It’s ok, but I’d like something that uses a default image in case I can’t find one. I’m blogging as a hobby so I have to make the most of what little time I have available.

Here are my requirements for a new theme:

  • Free
  • Mobile responsive
  • Organization Scheme (Site Architecture):

    Home Page (in this order):

    1. Full width hero banner image
    2. 3 – 6 panel post preview link image boxes
    3. Full width CTA banner
    4. Integrated video boxes
    5. Well spaced footer

Possible Candidates

Since I have limited time, I’m going to do a quick roundup of some themes I like as possible candidates to replace my current Arise theme.

I settled on Newspaper Lite by themecentury and I think it is a great improvement out of the box. Here’s the theme info from Dashboard > Appearance:

And here is what it actually looks like on my blog:

Not only does it look good, it even displays the weather correctly!

I injured my right shoulder working construction this week, so I will be unable to use my right arm for heavy or overhead work for a little while. My next project to help me find work will be to update my resume by researching and adding skills and duties for the construction remodeling job with Hollow Oak Restorations and the previous UX redesign contract for Southeast AlabamaWorks.

Well, stay tuned until the next post or read some old posts to see what you missed. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to be automatically updated whenever I post something new.

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