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Church Notes: 2021-09-26 — Church International (Prophet Robin D. Bullock)

A prophetic healing dream

Published: 2021-09-25

Jesus is the head, but you and I are to BODY.

“It’s time to manifest grace”

“You are [God’s] voice”

“It’s time for the lions to ROAR in this world”

Jackals will go silent once they hear the lions ROAR!

“Dontcha think it’s time to dance”

Do NOT let someone talk you out of this. This is YOUR time!


“Halloween is wrong. And it’s not of God.”
“No Christian has any business celebrating it.”

The love of money is the ROOT of all evil.

She had a dream and she asked the Lord “What is our ROOT to tap into?”
He said “The Word”. She asked “WHERE in the Word is the ROOT?”
He replied and said “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God.” [John 1:1-6]

“When we tap into Jesus, we tap into the scripture, THIS is the ROOT of ALL that is good.”

“When we tap into the root we gain all access to everything it has to offer.”

“The WORD is our ROOT!”

He says “I wish above all things that you prosper … ”



Prophet Timothy Dixon is at Church International today.

We must not turn loose ..

Robin saw the Lincoln Memorial statue of Lincoln in the spirit and it was Barak Obama instead of Lincoln. A young prophet said “Don’t you forget Barak Obama what God said!” The eagle on the head of Robin’s staff was disappearing.

“It must move among the people to have a voice”

“Go ahead and say what the prophets are saying. Speak it out of YOUR MOUTH.”

“What you are looking at is something that is trying to become a LEGEND and an ICON.”

Why is a painting of Cortez going to see Monteczuma with a god they sacrificed children to in the background in the rotunda at the US Capitol. “Why is that the freeze-frame of American history?”

“Conspiracy theories are designed by governments to confuse the gospel.”

“The pyramid on the back actually represents 13 Mayan cycles and goes up to 2012”

“The lost it when a man named Donald Trump was elected into office.”

“He MUST be out by 2020”

“They knew something was going to happen in 2020 that would give them world-controlling power.”

“But, the Lord told his prophets this was coming. I know he told THIS one [himself]”

The Lord told him: “Soon, I will turn the page on all this”

He said “I will FIX this. Don’t you EVER let it get in that shape again”

Salt …

The Church let itself almost be deemed ‘unessential’. If your church is unessential then “what the Hell are you doing having services?”

Lord said: “Im going to turn the page and you will live in the next prophecy rage” “What are you doing to prepare to live on the other side of the page.”

Don’t talk to me about victory if you are going to go around hanging vampires and ghosts around your house.

His bible college is coming in “a few months”.

“I’d eat a piece of this [candy] but it is dedicated to the devil.”

“Satanists say that October 31 is Satan’s birthday”

“He doesn’t have a birthday. If he don’t have a navel, he wasn’t BORN”

“That church at PENTECOST scared [Satan] out of his being”

Genesis 5:2

“It was the tongue that Adam and God spoke to each other in before Adam sinned.”

When those 120 began to speak … it turned the WHOLE WORLD upside down …

“My God they’ve turned the WORLD upsidedown! Hallelujah! And the come HERE also.”

“There’s one thing about Israel. You ever attack Israel they will BEAT you and TAKE YOUR LAND!”

“On this side of the page you will NEVER let them mask you again.”

“On this side of the page you ABORTION is OBLITERATED!!”

Within a year or year and a half on this side of the page, most of you will be out of debt.
If public school is not going to cooperate, it just won’t exist.

“[God] is about to change the LANDSCAPE of everything”

Genesis 2:9

“The tree of life is in the MIDST of the garden”

The HEBREW word for tree – means wood, timber, stick, gallows, staff, a carpenter, with branches, and other words

Once again the Taliban HUNG someone.

“Now watch this”

“Quebec is gonna SHAKE”

Adam made a covenant with God to make him “coats of skin” … “at least 3 layers”

“All of the creation knew who Adom was”

All of creation heard “man has become as one of us” [carnally]

“The word ‘eat’ there litteraly means ‘to devour with fire'”

“But, now man had an overlord whose name was Satan …”

“So he would have went in to destroy the TREE”

“Everything had a fear in it and they were afraid that man was going to destroy that tree.”

“Because it was a prophecy of who would hang on that tree”

“Destroy the TREE”, [Adam] was told.

The LORD GOD “God in his system of harvest” drove Adam out of the garden.

“There was never any PHYSICAL fruit eaten from it”

They had “crucifixion trees”

The raw life …

You mention Kenneth Hagin, Brother Copeland and the Church starts attacking like a wild dog.

“It’s faith in the BLOOD that does it!”

Religious people keep trying to destroy the TREE

Abimelech tried to burn the children of God when they ran into a strong tower and a woman dropped a stone on his head.

“Don’t let yourself attack faith.”

“Victory is word of faith network, but they have people like US on it … I talk about prophetic things.”

The SWORD OF THE SPIRIT: The word of faith and the prophetic together


“Noah walked with that message in his heart”

… walked onto the ark, according to the Jews … Esau wanted it, but Jacob got it …

… more details about the Hebrew teaching that a stick from the tree of life was passed down as a staff from patriarch to patriarch

“Luz means ‘the place of the almond tree'”

The bible says one day the Lord will rule himself with a staff of iron.


Sometime last year the Lord told him that the reason He protected the tree of life is so we don’t have to live in a fallen state any more.

Pastor Robin had seen an “angel of the Lord” over Timothy’s left shoulder

Most of what I see is DREAMS

Jeremiah ???
“Is there no balm in Gilead?”

… “Why then has the daughter of my people not been restored?”

He saw a vision of an atomic bomb and God said to tell the world that he is “fixing to release an atomic BALM/BOMB of Gilead”. It landed at St. Peter’s square in Rome and “blew the whole Roman Catholic church to nothing”. The LORD is sending a REVIVAL in the Catholic Church and “shake the very foundation”

“The White House was no longer in DC no more. It was GONE!”

“And I saw God’s people stand up and begin to speak boldly”

“Something was different in the land. The demonic forces had to bow before the power of the LORD”

Five years ago he was in his truck in Baker City, Oregon. He pulled up a high twisted “cabbage” hill. He wanted to come back down the mountain because it was snowing.

A man appeared in a dream to him wearing a camel girdle “and he looked liked John the Baptist”. “He looked like a hippie”

“Lord you know I see the HEART”

It was a vision of Robin D. Bullock. He heard about the time of Elijah and the time of …

The Lord told him “It’s the DAY of MIRACLES”

The LORD is releasing TODAY, not next week, but today “an atomic balm from Gilead”

“I saw revival hit the Roman Catholic church and the started speaking in tongues!”

“I seen China totally disappeared off the map”

“All of Europe, All of Asia”

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