A Darkness Fell … Could it Be Mercury?

Revelation 12 Sign
Yesterday I really fine for most of the day. When I kissed my wife goodbye I had no clue anything was going go amiss. Little did I know.

The first sign something was wrong was when I began experiencing gastrointestinal distress (though that was nothing new) around 1 PM.

My next clue when when I got off work at 4 PM (central time) I couldn’t wait to get home and relieve my bowels. I have a routine and unfortunately I rarely can go number two in public buildings. Lately I had some success relieving myself at work, but for some reason the guy who keeps stopping up one of the two toilets with excess unused toilet paper chose today to stop up both of them.

As soon as I got on the road I felt something was amiss. I had to go to Sam’s Club because that’s where I get gas and the lines were packed. I thought “What do they know that I don’t”, as if they had heard about some event like a gas price hike or a devastating storm coming about which I was completely unaware. So I had to wait in line, but even before that people had been cutting in front of me only to slow down.

I do a prayer daily that goes like this:

“Only those who help me go faster safely are in front of me”

Usually this is sufficient to help traffic speed up, not by my power, but by God’s. But on this day it seemed either God was trying to slow me down for a reason or dense energies were.

After I finished getting gas, people continued to get in my way only to then slow down in front of me.

15 minutes so far writing …

For the whole 45 minutes of my commute the sky grew darker and darker — and it wasn’t even 5 o’clock!

An to top it off, when I got home I found out my wife had an experience with a psychotic man who was threatening her. She is very much looking forward to getting a gun so she can protect herself and others if need be.

When I got home I posted in a few pagan groups on Facebook, mostly because I know what my Christian brothers and sisters would have to say, which is generally to blame it on the Devil with very little granularity or explanation.

I found some good “leads” as they say in the detective shows in a few groups and discovered others were feeling it too. Now sure, I know what my atheist friends are thinking “Of the millions of people on Facebook at least a handful are bound to have bad experiences on any given day” .. the old “even a broke clock is right twice a day” meme.

And I wouldn’t try to disabuse them of that notion because there is a lot of truth in it. However, my intuition told me that there was something deeper at play.

The two groups that were most helpful were:

At 26 minutes I’m here … and I’m on Facebook trying to find what those groups are but the notifications have disappeared from my “notifications” feed!

Ok, I found them:

Pagans of Alabama and Moonlit Grove Pagans of Mobile. Since they are private groups I won’t mention any names or anything. But if you are drawn you should check them out.

Some of the things they mentioned that resonated and that (If I had more free time) I’d look deeper into are:

  • Mercury aligns with Jupiter causing pyschic sludge
  • “Some planets are in darker signs currently and the moon is in Aries … Take it as a sign to be more spiritual.”
  • “energy shifts open gateways so anything can come through. People who aren’t ready for the shift are frustrated and dangerous. Aries moon also means emotionally aggressive act without thinking type of energy.”
  • A website with pagan-flavored prayers of protection
  • “In a few days five planets will be visibly in line.”

Well, that’s all I got. Hopefully this helps somebody today, or at least lets you know you were not alone yesterday.

So not for the participation question: How did you experience yesterday’s dense energy? How did you deal with it? What did your guidance show you?

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