How the Origins of Vampires, Zombies, and the Collapse of Civilization Are Related

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How the Origins of Vampires, Zombies, and the Collapse of Civilization Are Related

So, I was watching the above program on the feasibility and intention of the Cambridge (England) scientist Aubrey de Grey, to extend through science and gene therapy, the human ability to live for 250 to 1000 years.

I’m not going to talk about the merits of the video, though you should definitely watch it.  Instead, I’m going to layout some realizations that came to me in a flash as if by divine revelation:

1)  Zombies do and have existed in many forms throughout time.  This is not a joke.  To be clear, I’m not talking about sheeple.  I’m talking about folks who are dead, or nearly dead, but have an addiction to feed or consume some set of nutrients or chemicals, and like a shark, they are essentially feeding machines who can’t stop moving and consuming or they’ll die.  You could call this the “living dead” class of zombies.  They operate with a “hive-mind mentality” — all after the same thing and will do almost anything to get it if they think they won’t get caught or punished.

The closest thing we’ve seen to the traditional movie zombie is a crack-headCrack-heads are driven to obtain crack.  The crack is almost a form of life support.  Every living being has 3 main imperatives: to survive, to replicate, and to avoid pain.  Without crack every day an addict will start to feel extreme pain.  Therefore, they are driven by that need to avoid agony.  It is my conclusion that zombies have the exact same motivation.

However, there is another form of zombie which has mostly been ignored in the resurgence of the zombie cultural awareness.  That is the voodoo zombie.

This type was traditionally described as a recently deceased or buried person who was compelled by a magical power of some “master” or mistress to do their evil bidding.  It was felt in the the early stories from Haiti, where zombies are thought to have originated, that ultimately, the zombie was free of malice, they were however, compelled by a witch or sorcerer’s spell and literally had no control over the actions of their bodies.

It strikes me that around the same time zombie legends began to creep up, the famous science fiction authors, and the pioneers of modern chemistry, biology, and electromagnetic theory were publishing their books and papers.  Now, the hardcore skeptic (of which I’ve know my many), is likely to tell you something like “since there’s no such thing as monsters or the supernatural, let alone zombies, it must be that the zombie legend was a natural result of superstitious and imaginative people making up myths to explain things with perfectly reasonable explanations”.   While this is a perfectly rational argument, perhaps the type of understanding that is needed here is to understand history and the nature of man.

The way man is is the way man always has been.  Evolution aside, I’m talking about man behavior.  The set of emotions, feelings, motivations, actions and strategies man has experienced and employed since the dawn of time, are the same.  For instance, if we understand that, to paraphrase the Bible “Money and Greed are the root of all evil”, if we can see that in action today and know deep in our hearts that it is true by the empirical evidence of the corporatist society we live in, then it is not that hard, I think, to imagine that greed and the “love” of currency, capital, or in otherwords “stuff” has always been around since civilization began.


Anyway, I’m out of time so I’ll scratch thes notes to finish :


Major Premise:  The first great example of these known evils of rampant growth and over-technologized society may have been the fabled Atlantis, or the lesser known, possibly 15,000 years earlier civilization of Lemuria.  The “mythological” beasts in Greek myths were not just stories.  They were results of 200-300 years of radioactive waste caused by Atlantis before it’s civilization cannibalized and then imploded itself.  Or maybe Atlantis did have a flying saucer and somebody ignorantly remove a reactor core for the warp drive and THAT is what ended their civ.

Onkalo, the Finnish underground nuclear waste storage facility looks remarkably like “The Hive” from the Resident Evil movies.  Additionally, the story of pandora’s box is really similar to what they say about Onkalo — that it’s worst enemy will be curious humans in the future trying to enter it to explore.  Can you not see them 100-300 years from now living in a new Eden basically, people thriving, war almost gone, people living off the land again. Only 500,000 people alive on the whole planet.  Then one day, some curious folks finally get the “temple” (what they think the waste facility is) open only to find basically nothing good.  No gold, no treasure.  Nothing … or so they thought.

Within days, though the radiation is hundreds of years old, it’s still powerful enough to be dangerous to humans, and the effects can definitely be seen.  People start to die a horrible, painful death beginning with parts of their bodies disintegrating, resembling zombies.  Wow!

So, what if the story of Pandora and her box of woes is actually a partially remembered tale of the technologically successful city/country/state of Atlantis, and of how sombody’s curiousity either set off a bomb or open some kind of toxic waste vaults that started killing everyone, and eventually leading to the demise of that civilization 1000 years before Plato wrote of it?  What if later, the library at Alexandria was burned to the ground to keep knowledge of the ancient highly-advanced (and highly dangerous) Atlanteans that was stored there, out of the hands of those who would use it to build weapons of mass destruction?

What if what Pandora was actually an organization, NOT a girl who the tale likes to scapegoat, who released toxic waste and chemicals, perhaps into the drinking water, and the sea caused animals and other life-forms to mutate?  What if, much as our scientists do now, Atlantis had scientists who were as advanced or more than the ones we know, who also experiemented on animals the way our society does.  Perhaps our great ancestors created these animal hybrids for various reasons, but they eventually got out of hand.  Whoever would deliberately build a lion that could fly has some serious issues.  Talk about Frankenstein syndrome!

And also, extrapolating further, what if an organization of concerned citizens similar to our Animal Liberation Front or PETA while trying to rescue and free the animals who were being experimented on, etc. ended up releasing man-made horrors into the world.  And what if that organization was called PANDORA?

A lot of whatif’s I know, but bear with me.  Like Edward Cayce, I don’t really have any choice right now.  I am writing, acting as a conduit for a greater conscience that needs this to be revealed.

Finally, to bring us back to Dr. de Grey, I think his ideas on life-extension and everything I know about zombies and vamires all play in.  There was a movie called “Mimic” in the late 90’s I believe starring Mira Sorvino.  It was about a female scientist who basically caused the end of civilization by creating a super virus.  Her intentions were good — she impregnated the virus with dna to eat a particular plague that was rampant at the time, in New York I think.  Anyway, the  disease-eater was engineered to evolve to counter and adaption that the plague may develop.  The virus was highly successful.  In fact, it eliminated the plague within months.  Only problem was, then it started to mimic other animals.  First targeting rats, then eventually evolving  in the course of a year to eating people.

The Resident Evil and I Am Legend movies illustrate easily how those with the best, most noblest intentions often do the most harm.  I think this is what can be said of Dr. de Grey.  More later…

So what are vampires?  How about a genetic life-extension test trials gone wrong.  Just as their are greedy corporations who love nothing better than to control all resources including wind, earth, water and fire, let alone your medicines and life-sustaining ability, I propose that the same types of folks with the same greed and power motivations existed on Atlantis as well.

In this scenario, the original test trials on humans created freaks and zombies, which was originally kept a secret from the public.  However, when the news eventually got out, the public (instead of being outraged), were complacent and forgiving because they felt that was a casualty of the war on aging.

Much as De Grey proposes gene therapy by utilizing programmed viruses as delivery mechanisms, I believe the first human vampires were created from a similar scientific breakthrough.

However, since the corruption level and greed of civilization’s leaders is proportional to the level of technological advancement, and inversely proportional to the amount of energy expended by the average citizen daily to obtain food and shelter, and the other basic daily needs, we can extrapolate that the same was so thousands of years ago on Atlantis as well.  We can then supposed a scenario that begins like what Dr. de Grey describes in the video above.  Where people, greedy and selfish by nature, had desires for immortality.  Well, what would happen here if everyone was immortal?  Nobody would have to do anything they didn’t want to because they wouldn’t be afraid of any consequences.  They also would have no need for  medicine, or pharaceuticals unless …

So, what Dr. de Grey proposes to do, wittingly or unwittingly, if successful, will go something like this:

  1. Great scientific breakthrough is made that should be beneficial to all mankind.
  2. Rich and Powerful get it and experience the benefits right away — poor peasantry told to wait because it’s in trials.
  3. Clinical trials last 10 – 20 years.
  4. Cure to aging is not released in full form.  Instead, a watered down doped version is released that only cures you for a little while.  The 20 years isn’t actually to make sure the medicine won’t harm anyone.  Rather, it is to give the corporations time to discover how to keep the new medicine from curing your fully.  This is because if it cures you fully, they believe, they will soon be out of business.  Thus, the final “approved” cure is designed to make you have to keep coming back for more.
  5. Those fortunate enough to be able to afford the aging cure medicine soon, easily become addicted to it, as that is what it was designed for.

Subsequently, it’s not that farfetched to imagine that a technological society such as Atlantis discovered “the fountain of youth”, so to speak, thousands of years ago.  And in their greed, they created humans with multi-century lifespans who eventually evolved to not need the medicine from the manufacturer, but instead to have a thirst for blood.  Maybe the vampire bat’s genes were spliced with human dna for some reason, in GMO food of millennia ago, by some ancient Monsanto, and the food eventually bit back.

Well, sleep is beckoning.  Let me know what you think.  Does this make sense?  For those of you who can remove the scientific dogma of “the burden of proof is on the claimant” and just feel the truth in my words, you are a special and psychically enlightened bunch indeed!

Much love and blessings,


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