Eric Hepperle interviewed by WDHN Dothan a day after becoming new Geneva Chamber director (Screenshot: 2021-08-02)

Eric Hepperle Interviewed for Dothan WDHN TV

Yesterday, one day after taking the reigns as Geneva, Alabama’s new Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, I received quite the surprise in the form of Mike Gurspan, a well-known sports reporter for WDHN TV in Dothan. Mike stopped by to leave me his business card because he thought nobody was here (because I like to work with the lights off, but I’ll be leaving the lights on when I’m here from now on) and he wanted to do an interview. Well, it turned out I actually was here of course, and as luck would have it I opened the door when I saw somebody moving outside.

He introduced himself and explained that he had heard of my taking over as the new Executive Director of the Greater Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce and was interested in interviewing me. Well, never one to shy away from publicity — especially if it helps bring awareness or enhances the community in some way — I agreed to be interviewed.

Mike asked me about my background and what I intend to do in my new role as Executive Director. I told I was originally from Waterloo, Iowa and that my wife and I moved from Portland, Oregon to Geneva less than a year ago. I shared my testimony of faith about how God had guided us here and is working miracles through us to help and benefit the local community and beyond.

I told him about my six key goals that I hope to achieve in this role:

  1. Create a Web and Social media presence for the Chamber
  2. Find out from community and business leaders what they would like to see from the Chamber
  3. Have regular, quarterly board meetings
  4. Brainstorm ideas for publicizing new and old businesses
  5. Become a hub for information on the town and local recreation and tourism opportunities
  6. Holding regular, consistent weekly hours

Here is the link to the article about yours truly (Eric Hepperle) on WDHN TV (abc). The story aired last night and has been posted and shared on Facebook today.

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