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Fairies Woke Me Up With Their Loud Looney Tunes Music

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The fairies (or faeries, or fae) woke me up this morning with their loud faerie music again.

Now, I don’t know for sure if it is fairies, but from time to time, I will hear a loud banging music that somewhat distorted. My wife hears it too, usually more often than me. What is awesome is when we can both hear it together.

My wife has the classic “Looney Tunes” intro as her wake-up ringtone on her phone. That’s what we wake up to each morning. Usually I do do not hear the fairies. But the past two days I have been woken up out of a dead sleep by them playing that damned Looney Tunes tune over and over again at the loudest volume.

I know what you are thinking: Maybe it is a TV that somebody left on? Perhaps the neighbors have their TV so loud that you can hear it through the walls? Or, maybe it is just electromagnetic radio waves broadcasting faintly through the coils in our window air conditioner?

That’s not it folks. You see, I figured out that the fairies are doing their best to wake me up before my wife gets up so that I can get God’s work done. It doesn’t stop until I get up, and when I finally do get up, it definitely stops.

Let me clarify. When my wife and I are together in the morning, like it or not, I am on her time-clock because she — rightly so — wants to get things done as quick as possible and then come back home to take advantage of the rest of the day. Also, she a zoomer: She just zooms around the house doing what she needs to, and doesn’t stop until she is done. She has her routine is loathe to break it.

Unfortunately, I have a hard time concentrating on my work when she (or anyone, including our fur babies) is in the room, because I am a natural caretaker and I’m always subconsciously checking to see if my loved ones who are in my immediate proximity are OK, especially my lovely lady Kat.

Therefore, the best way at current for me to get God’s work done is to get up an hour or so earlier than her. Also, I meditate during this time, which often involves soaking in a hot bath, but that is a tale for another time.

Curiously when God, his angels or the spirits speak to me (clairaudience) it is always internally, like I hear a voice inside my head (earlier in my journey I mistakenly believed it was just my own thoughts rolling around) on my left side of my head, slightly in front of me — it’s a bit difficult to describe. But, not like it is outside of my body. It usually sounds similar to when I am thinking and having internal dialog. But, it is usually not my voice.

But, with the fairy music it is exactly the opposite. I can hear that outside of me, though somewhat muffled, but loud all the same!

The fairies either like to play their music loud, or they know that’s how I need to hear it.

Now here’s your participation questions:
Do you ever hear the fairy music? If so, for how long have you been experiencing this phenomenon?

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Here is a quick list of resources that may help. Some would explain these experiences as spiritual/paranormal, while others would kill God in the name of science, so to speak. But, I have included them both so as to have the greatest possibility of understanding the phenomenon.

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