New Day, New Post – A fresh Start for January 2020

On the first day of January 2020 (New Year’s Day in the US) I planned to stay home, let my wife relax and concentrate on organizing my office. I began by making a list of categories of how I wanted things to be organized.

Here are some examples of the categories I came up with expressed in bullet-list format:

    • Bills
    • Purchases
    • Orders
    • Receipts
    • Taxes
    • Income
    • Blogs
    • Writings
    • Published
    • Books
    • Poems
    • Essays
    • Reports
    • Letters
    • Newspaper Clippings
    • Social Media Posts
    • Web Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Guitars
    • Guitar Cables
    • Guitar Amplifiers
    • Guitar Tuners
    • Other Instruments
    • Books & Docs
    • Tablature Books
    • Magazines
    • Church – SEMBC
    • Member Manual
    • Employment Agreement
    • Tithe Record
    • Website
    • Stationery
    • Choir Binder
    • Bible Study
    • Funeral & Souvenir
    • Current Employer
    • Past Employers
    • Job Hunt Records
    • Unemployment Records
  • BOOKS (see other list)
    • Manliness
    • Health
    • Guitar
    • Marijuana/Cannabusiness

Mind you, I wasn’t able to do anything with those categories yet, or what some might consider as custom ontology. But instead I found myself consolidating more files on my computer. After the October Windows 10 Update hosed my external hard drive where most of my important data was stored I was able to restore most of my data files with a free open source program called Recuva, by Piriform (the same folks who brought to CCleaner).

Sadly, though 98% of the files were restored, the folder structure was not. This was big problem since most of my websites and class assignments were incremental projects with the same file names, just in different folders. For instance, many of my archived WordPress website backups can’t be restored because I ended up with 30 or so “style.css” files.

Over the past year (2019) I have been restoring those files and organizing them in folders the best I could, bit-by-bit, in what little free time I had. Today I started a major phase of removing duplicates (deduping). I used a nice program called WinMerge (another free one) to analyze over 10,000 files, binary and text, and it took over 4 hours. In the end, it found around 4,000 exact match duplicates that I was able to remove.

So, I said I had intended to declutter and “feng shui” my room, while I was working on my digital file reorganization my wife asked me something — though I don’t quite remember what — and next thing I know I’m orchestrating a living room reorganization. Kat and I worked together and seemed to be in sync about how to best place our furniture and what nic-nacs should go where, etc.

In the end, we had a very harmonious living room arrangement that is much more conducive to better energy flow. Good feng shui.

Production Notes: This post took almost an hour to compose and formatting still wasn’t done. Longest efforts were creating the nested list and designing the thumbnail in Photoshop.

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