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God Said ‘Write Your Story’

So, I was sitting at my computer after my morning workout and asked God “What shall I do write now?” He replied “Write your STORY“.

I asked God for clarification if he meant the book I’ve been working on for almost 5 years, “Confessions of a Talented & Gifted Dropout” and He said “not necessarily”. When asked for further clarification he again said “Write YOUR story” and simultaneously I had a deep urge to uncover my previous versions of my book and rewrite it with an eye towards explaining and expounding my drawings and poetry, rather than try to make this any sort of family history, or complaint memoir about how hard it was for me growing up in an abusive household.

I have new and renewed vigor and  direction for this book and I’m about to start writing it. This is an introduction to a new series on this blog called “Confessions of a Talented & Gifted Dropout: Art and Writings” and it will be episodic.

Ooh, I’m soooo excited!

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