How I Finally Broke $100 on Quora & My Top 10 Quora Partner Program Questions

Why I like the Quora Partner Program

The types of things I inquire about on Quora generally fall into these basic categories:

  • History
  • Etymology
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Worldview
  • Ethics
  • Technology
  • Employment & Income
  • Natural Healing
  • Supernatural & Metaphysics
  • Living in America

Oh and Politics, but more of what might be called “philosophy of politics”.

Now I’ve been an active member of the QPP (Quora Partner Program) since Early this year. In my first two months I posted almost 700 questions on the belief that the more good quality questions I posted the more money I would earn. The QPP is like Quora’s version of Amazon Associates or YouTube Partners — it’s a way for you to make a little money by doing free marketing and outreach for a giant corporation. The idea is to help that company become a legitimate leader in sales and reputation through organic traffic.

Earnings Potential on Quora – Not Great

Based on my research and due-diligence I’d done it seemed that I should easily be earning $100 a month at least. There were QPP members on Reddit complaining that they were barely making $600 from posting 10 questions. I figured if they made $600 from 10 questions, surely I could make $100 in one month from 700+.

About the middle of month two I started to feel that posting 40+ questions a day wasn’t worth my time and effort. I had barely made $18 and though it wasn’t a scam becauase it was definitely legit and Quora does pay real checks each month you meet the earnings threshold ($10-15), I realized at max I could make $1000-$5000/month. But not likely. The average quoran was making around $300-600 monthly. If they were posting questions all the time, AND being highly active with other members — maybe they could make a steady income.

Cost Benefit Analysis

But, I realized you would have to be at home all day with nothing to do — like I was earlier this year when I was “between jobs” — or spend hours at night ignoring your family to be able to meet the massive amount of questions that seemed required to earn any significant moolah.

Anyway, I was never able to make very much money. I realized making earning a living from QPP wasn’t something I was going to actively pursue. Sure, as long as Quora continues to be a great resource for knowledge sharing and fact-checking I will continue to frequent its “hollowed halls”, so to speak. Because, come on: Quora really is like a university in that you get exposed to many different (and often controversial or taboo) viewpoints. I love it.

But, I’m not trying to game the system anymore, like some. A lot of Indians for some reason are most prevalent at posting low-quality  questions to try to earn the most. I have decided that is not right for me. And I’ve always tried to post well-worded questions that are thoughtful, engaging, and will stand the test of time.

But, now I only post when a question comes to me. When there is something I want to know that keeps nagging at me that I just can’t get out of my head, I turn to Quora. Sometimes I will find that others have already wondered about the same thing and the question has been asked and answered already. But, often, because of my high-granularity naturally analytical nature, I find my questions have not been asked yet. It is always a thrill to to find that you have identified something new. It is like being an explorer in a sense.

Anyway, imagine my surprised this week when, whereas normally I make about $2-3/week if I’m lucky, averaging about 13 cents per question, this week I made substantially more.

My Highest Earning Question Ever … So Far

My highest earning question has earned me $8.61 (Screenshot: Eric Hepperle)
My highest earning question has earned me $8.61! (Screenshot: Eric Hepperle)

For some reason, one particular question earned me a lot this week and keeps gaining more and more answers. With over 92,000 views and over 7000 Ad Impressions the question has earned the most of any I’ve ever asked. And, it is a fluke. You can’t predict these types of things. Believe me, I tried in my first two months. Questions that should have earned me quite a bit earned almost nothing. I have no idea why this question earned so much money, but I am very thankful nonetheless. God is good.

Top 10 Quora Partner Program Questions

Now that you’ve seen my top earning question, let’s get on to my top 10 Quora questions as promised. In order of earnings, here they are:

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