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JOURNAL: 2021-04-28 | On Finishing my Book and IBC Tote Rainwater Harvesting

Good morning!

Dear reader, let me tell you what is on my mind this morning. I’m thinking about what it will take to finish my book, how I should get back in shape, how to prepare my homestead/acreage for urban farming, and how to start doing rainwater harvesting. These are topics I will discuss throughout this post.

Rainwater Harvesting

Kat and I agreed that when we got refunded a certain amount from a spiritual leader who accidently auto-charged us $75 twice (two different months) that we would go and buy an IBC tote to start experimenting with rainwater harvesting. We received the refund this morning so here are the steps I plan to take next:

  1. Call Tate’s to see if they have IBC totes in stock. If yes,
    1. Ask Raymond if he would want to take me to pick it up, or if I could borrow his truck. Reason is, it won’t fit in the Jeep.
    2. Bring ratchet straps to tie it down securely with.
    3. Purchase IBC tote for $80 and bring it home.
    4. Place concrete cinder blocks as a foundation for tote.
    5. Place tote on cinder blocks.

TAG Dropout Book

In 2016 when I was participating in MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) courses (as part of my probation requirements for my 2015 marijuana charge) I made a goal to have 5 books published by 2021. Out of 20+ goals I set, that is the one that has been hardest to fulfill. Primarily because:

  1. The book was to be a memoir and I had it 75% written in 2018. But due to having a job and chronic bowel irregularity (IBS) I found it difficult to have the time to finish.
  2. After speaking with my Dad and others, I realized that I was exposing too many family secrets and the book would need to be revised to protect the innocent, guilty, and redeemed.
  3. It will take more time to plan where the images and graphics should go.

By writing this blog this morning, without supreme care to proofreading and spellchecking, but rather just stream-of-thought “flowing” the text and getting the idea down on “paper”, that this activity will catalyze a habit of writing a blog post every morning.

Hepperle Manor Yard Work

God has shown me that he wants part of my ministry to be as an organic/natural farmer. Yesterday, I was guided to do some land clearing and I was amazed that I was able to chop down a 6″ thick live tree with a Gerber Gator machete! Most videos you find online from professionals say it is hard to use a machete to cut down small trees, but I have found that if you take a martial arts stance and also bend your knees and drop down when chopping, the machete is very effective at quickly slicing through 2 inch branches and stems, and it only took about  5 minutes to chop down that 6 inch diameter tree.

Needless to say, now I have enough small limbs to build a fence panel using a weaving technique.


Today, inside Hepperle Manor I plan to do the following:

  • Thoroughly clean master bedroom including dust bunnies on walls and hinges.
  • Fold and put away clothes in bedroom.

Blogging & Images

A big concern of mine has been graphics and images. I want to keep the images with as high a resolution as possible. But, I also need to have them smaller in file size to post online in my blog. So, my plan is to sort through the images and remove the ones I don’t need. Then, the remainder — we’ll call those keepers — I will make small file size version. I will maintain the small file size versions and the originals in two separate places. At least that’s the plan.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for visiting my blog and please SUBSCRIBE to our email list to be updated when new posts come out!

Other Concerns for Today:

  • How to wash/remove stains from Revo collapsible mat
  • Is image compression the only measure that can be taken to speed up slow websites?
  • How can I implement caching on my WordPress website?
  • Is Memcached the best way? Is it relevant to my small blog?
  • Sort through images from phone for the keepers

Date Published: 04/28/21

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