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JOURNAL: 2021-05-02 | AL Unemployment, Dept of Labor & Amazon Associates



Ok, folks. Here is what is on my mind today:

Who is In Charge of the Alabama Department of Labor?

I have been collecting unemployment since August, 2020. Despite diligently receiving two lucrative job offers after submitting over 100 job applications, due to my 2015 marijuana felony, the job offers were rescinded after a 10-year background check. So, despite my diligent efforts, getting hired has been challenging. Fortunately, unemployment has been that life-raft I needed to keep me afloat!

My wife works for the local small-town newspaper as the Editor-in-Chief. She’s pretty important in this town, though most don’t know it because she is very humble about such things. In fact, one of the reasons she’s not been able to take a vacation leave ever (besides the fact she doesn’t get benefits at her job), is because if she ever took a day off, the place would fall apart.

Well, I’ve written over 20 articles and reports for this newspaper in the past, on an unpaid basis as a newspaper correspondent at-large. And notwithstanding her boss’ policy against having husband and wife work together, after the $50/hr remote software development job offer was rescinded in February, he made an exception and hired me on part time in March, 2021 as a Graphic Designer/Printing Associate, for which I was very grateful.

It was part time, so I continued to collect unemployment. But, one week I earned more at my part-time job than my weekly benefit amount, so they cancelled my unemployment claim and I had to file again from scratch.

In the interim, I have continued to file each week, but as of yet haven’t received an payments. To add insult to injury, the Alabama Department of Labor (ALDOL) has literally seeming done everything they could to discourage you from contacting them. Before, if you couldn’t get anyone on the phone because the wait times were over an hour (ostensibly, due to lower personnel numbers manning the phones stemming from covid19-related furloughs), you could @mention ALDOL in a comment on their Facebook page, or send them a direct Message. Well, here we are in May of 2021. Governor Ivey lifted the mask mandate a month ago, and there is no excuse for ALDOL making it HARDER to contact them, seeing as how they should have more personnel manning phones, social media, etc., than during the mask mandate periods.

Further, about 2 weeks ago I received a letter in the mail from ALDOL stating they required proof of income, which I sent to them with a day or two after I received the letter. I submitted the requested proof (a screenshot of my ADP earnings profile, since I have never received a paper paystub from my employer) three times; twice via fax and through snail mail. But, still I have a message in red on my claims tracker that says:

“There are pending issues stopping payment on your claim.”

The best I can tell, since I can’t get ahold of anyone at ALDOL to confirm is that the “issues” in question are the proof of income. But, I already submitted that. And still, I’ve heard nothing.

Yesterday, I even jumped on LiveChat, but received less-than-helpful responses.

I think I may need to get ahold of my state representatives to look into this.

Malware/Virus Uninstalled a Bunch of Programs on My HP Pavilion 17 Laptop

I’ve been dealing with an issue where a bunch of programs, some third party (e.g., POPSql), some built-in Windows programs (Calculator, Edge browser, etc.) were apparently spontaneously uninstalled. Today in fact I got a message that the “app associated with Calc could not be found” … paraphrase.

“You’ll need a new app to open this ms-calculator link”

Can you imagine how take by surprise I was when after uninstalling Local by Flywheel and Local (the new version) at least 6 other programs that had nothing to do with Local were confirmed uninstalled by Advanced Uninstaller Pro 11!

I’m going to do some research and try to get to the bottom of this.

Is Yoga Satanic? Should Christians Do Yoga?

While taking a bath this morning, I was watching and listening to a YouTube video called “Why I Stopped Teaching Yoga and Reiki, to Follow Jesus” – Jessica Smith interview on Doreen Virtue’s channel.

Amazon Associates: Is it For Me?

I’m planning on looking into signing up for Amazon associates. I’ll write a post along the way about my preliminary thoughts.

Hepperle Manner Menu Option

Eventually, I  will create a new website dedicated to the adventures we have learning organic gardening, urban farming, homesteading, and permaculture principles. On Saturday I decided to try my hand a building a wattle fence, which is basically a fence “woven” from sticks and limbs. But, for now, I am going to start highlighting Hepperle Manner posts by giving them their own menu item.

Until next time!

Other Concerns for Today:

  • Contact Alabama Power to see when they can come cut down the tree that is caught in the wires.
  • Work on organizing office a little.
  • Follow up on Job Hunt leads.
  • Call AL Voc Rehab and see if I can get any sort of assistance.
  • Sort through images from phone for the keepers (important!)
  • Refresh my memory on how to get Google to index my site (#SEO)
  • Sort through and cull/delete old Gmail

Date Published: 05/02/21

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