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Journal Notes

Journal Notes: Learning Java — Ep. 2

Good morning! Today I’m continuing with day 2 of my new series, “Learning Object-Oriented Java”.

We are picking up around the 8 minute mark.

We are ending the Java study for today around the 50 minute mark.

In case I didn’t mention it already, my process is this: I’m going to watch the full 3 hr course once, then go through watching it a second time, but this time taking detailed notes. So these first few episodes are just marking time pretty much.

Having said that, the one little tidbit that I thought was worth mentioning (#funfact) is that Java used to be called “Oak”, named after an Oak tree that Larry Ellison saw outside his window. I wonder if it was a “live oak” like the Centennial Oak in Geneva’s Robert Fowler Park (AKA: the Junction)?

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