Journeys In Intentional Community Living – Dreamseed Collective (Part 1)



Eric inside the main house at Dreamseed.
Eric inside the main house at Dreamseed.

We set out from Portland, Oregon yesterday and arrived at Dreamseed Collective in Snohomish, Washington around 8 PM last night. When we got here, we were greeted by Jodi, one of the owners of the property and founder of Dreamseed. She was very kind an greeted us with a hug. After all that driving we were finally able to stretch and relax. We sat down and got acquainted for about an hour or so. We all had so much in common! 🙂

Jodi welcomes us to Dreamseed Collective
Jodi welcomes us to Dreamseed Collective

Dinner was ready around 10pm — vegetarian chili, yum! — and we ate our fill, being famished from the road trip. Jodi showed us the truck camper which we would be staying in. It was clean, quiet, and much more spacious than I had expected! We turned in around midnight and got a good night’s sleep.


When we woke up, we both were amazed at how we didn’t feel sick like we had in the city for the past 2 weeks. I awoke to the sun greeting me, peeking through the tall-treed forest that sourrounds our location. We had breakfast which consisted of sausages from the local food pantry (GMO & Chemical Free) and cannabis juice diluted with carrot, pinapple, beets, and other fruits and veggies. It was delicious with a slight buzz and a feeling of transformation.

Dreamseed - Main open area where earthship will be created.
Dreamseed – Main open area where earthship will be created.

Afterwards, Jodi took us on a tour of the property to show us her vision of what Dreamseed could be. She talked of various domicile types she wanted including treehouses, cob houses, tiny homes (on wheels), yurts, and even something called an “earth ship” which uses old tires filled with gravel in the foundation, instead of pouring concrete. There were discussions about future gardens, craft rooms, a cabana-like kitchen, various composting bins, and several ceremonial areas including one to venerate the goddess energy.


At Dreamseed, there is something for everyone who is artistic in any way. It is a place where many creative talents such as pottery, mural making, music, and beading (for instance) are given the room to flourish. Artists who come from near and far will be a part of creating Dreamseed and contributing their essence and energy to this 5-acre intentional community in Snohomish, WA. Here artists will mingle and co-create the community they live in, everyone paying for their stay with energy-exchange-for-value. Some will pay for their stay with cash, others with barter and trade, and some a mix of both. Overall, everyone can earn a living here at Dreamseed Collective, but more to the point all creatives can have a fullfilling experience that they can take through their life, wherever they go.

P.S.: Ms. Kitty had her first adventures in the woods today … more to come! 🙂

Miss Kitty on her first exploration of the grounds at Dreamseed. She matches, huh?
Miss Kitty on her first exploration of the grounds at Dreamseed. She matches, huh?

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