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Keyword Roundup: Quillette – How Left Turned Violence into Justice


I was reading this Quillette article by James Lindsey and wanted to record some of the socioeconomic and political terminology that I had not seen before. This is the impetus for my new feature “Keyword Roundup”, where I identify key words and phrases in an article, webpage, or blog post.

How the Left Turned Words Into ‘Violence,’ and Violence Into ‘Justice’


  • Andy Ngo
  • Antifa
  • protestors
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Charlotte Clymer
  • Activist
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • civil rights
  • Quillette
  • Aymann Ismall
  • fear mongering
  • Muslims
  • hate crimes
  • Jesse Singal
  • violence apologism
  • Social Justice progressives

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