Living in My Car

This short post is based on a reply I wrote on Quora. I hope you find it valuable.

I lived in a broke down RV on my brothers property in Oregon for half a year in 2015. The hardest part was trying to stay cool. We were plugged into his electric grid but we kept blowing the transformer when we tried to use the RV air conditioner so we stopped using it. I ended up researching swamp coolers and evaporative cooling and tried several attempts at making them, but they just blew hot air around.

That was a record heat year in Oregon.

Statewide Average Temperature Ranks 2015 Source:
Statewide Average Temperature Ranks 2015

I also slept in my car in Iowa during the summer around 2004. I only made it 3 days at a public park not far from the field of dreams because a nosy neighbor reported a strange vehicle. it was for a temp job so I wouldn’t have to commute 50 miles each morning.

in both cases sleeping in the uncomfortable heat and humidity were the biggest issues for me.

Participation Questions:

Have you ever had to sleep in your car because you were homeless? What measures did you take to try and stay comfortable?

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