If you are looking for a good historical docudrama about vision, grit, determination, and an abundance of moral dillemmas, greater-good scenarios, and hard choices, you might enjoy The Men Who Built America.  It focuses mainly on the enormous and world-changing contributions of 4 entrepreneurs: Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and Henry Ford.  Special guests include other players such as Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt.  You’ll watch as the visions of men of power help their fellow man come out of the dark turmoil that was the Civil War, into the light of a new century.  In the end, you’ll see how greed and corruption ultimately bring the downfall of the  colossal monopolies, as the new way of doing business pathes  the way for the emerging middle class.


I thought this 4-part miniseries was quite well done. For those of us who are interested in the origins and the “why’s” of things, but who have never really been drawn to this era, a lot of the facts and information in this program, along with the famous entrepreneurs of today who they interview from time to time, shed a lot of insight on a lot of questions those of us with a “green” or sustainability/eco-friendly bent have wondered. For instance, “why did a poisonous fluid like crude oil become popular in the first place?”, and “why did Tesla’s AC power not get accepted at the time, even though it is our primary power source today?”


Overall, I’d say anyone with a thirst for historical knowledge and understanding “how we got to this point”, would not be sorry giving this one a peek. Cheers.
-Dr. TC

The Men Who Built America — TV Episodes, Schedule, & Video

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