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My Favorite Quorans

Following are a few of my favorite quorans. All of them are talented writers. Some I don’t agree with, but their logic, reasoning, and writing style are beneficial for instruction. These are folks that I have found, by and large, are willing to discuss and debate ideas without trying to shut the other person down.

  • Matt Taylor
  • Trey Brannon
  • Spencer Alexander McDaniel
  • Sean Kernan
  • Eugene Mormon
  • Ted Kord
  • Joanne Nelson
  • Leila Thomas
  • Jon Davis
  • Richard Johnson
  • Michelle Steele
  • Alex Iemhev
  • Wansai Ounkeo
  • Sharon Gearen
  • Namish Gali
  • Linda Keres Carter
  • Jordan Yates
  • Tirumalai Kamala
  • Christopher Welsh
  • Christopher Nowak
  • Jenna Ravenstone


Date Published: 2019-09-28
Date Updated: 2021-05-03

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