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Notes Clearinghouse: Random Notes I’m Clearing off My Desk (Pt. 2)

Dear Readers,

In the interest of time and being better organized, this is a post that is simply a “clearing house” for all the notes on my desk.

We will use H3 as notes and we will try to implement this class: .ehw-add-info .ehw-pub-details.

Papa Harvey on Bible Interpretation

  • “There is one true interpretation, but there are many applications”
  • “[God] has never made a mistake”


(To the tune of “On top of Old Smokie”)
Jesus my Saviour
Gentle & True
Abba My Father
We Glorify You

For its for your Glory
That We Give our Life
To honor our Saviour
And Your Sacrifice

Publish Praise Reports as Blogs


  • Sarah Reid Rupert
  • Rupert Station
  • b. Sept 9, 1934
  • Terwilliger Blvd


Homesteading Exemption

Geneva Reaper/Opp News/Pujol Print #NEWSPAPER #LAYOUT #DESIGN

Newspaper measurements for InDesign:
10 x 10 (inches)
Facing Pages
4 cols .125 gutter

1/16 = 2.375 x 2.5 (inches)
1/8 = 4.91 x 2.5
1/4 = 4.91 x 5
1/2 = 4.91 x 10 or 10 x 5
Full = 10 x 10

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