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Praise Report: 2021-05-24 — For Robin D. Bullock and Church International


Oh boy do I have a testimony of God’s Grace and Peace for you today!!!!

DISCLAMER: This is not a QUICK thank you. This is a detailed report on miracles God has wrought through me, his servant, in recent weeks. For the scripture says:

“Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, MAKE KNOWN HIS DEEDS AMONG THE PEOPLE” — I Chron. 16:8

But, for brevity and ease of sharing on the YOUTUBE broadcast when Prophet Robin says “Are there any Praise Reports?“, I have created a bullet list you could choose to read instead, if the Spirit move you so:

  • As a baby prophet, I had seen a few miracles, but then came under severe attack from the devil for several months. Since driving 4 hours to attend Church International Easter Saturday service, I had a sinus infection that would not let me sleep well and it disturbed every area of my life. I knew Satan was attacking because God wanted to use me in a powerful way. Satan held back my finances, my health, for two months, but I began to say “Hallelujah” over and over and over, and I started to see improvement. The word says praise him always in all things and I took that to heart. Soon thereafter, I finally got hired by an auto parts company that was willing to overlook my felony and give me a second chance. Praise God!
  • There was a Word to an “Eric” on Sunday’s Church International service about releasing astrology from his life. I accepted that word and threw out my remaining astrology books and my copies of Satanic Bible and The Necronomicon, which I had kept for historical purposes. I sneezed 7 times when touching the Satanic Bible and took that as confirmation from God that it had to go. That evening I was able to do a miracle and give a word of Knowledge that I could not have known, except through the Holy Spirit! Through that word, I brought somebody back to Christ and I baptized him in the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name and he began to speak in other tongues!
  • That same night, my wife told me of a coworker who wanted to sell her car for $2500, which was about half the price that used Honda Elements go for. Wife and I discussed it and decided that was going to be my vehicle, and she let the coworker know we were interested and that as soon we had the money — which we believed would be within the next week or two — we would be ready to buy it. We decided the price was so good, and since the coworker was an honest Christian friend, that we would not even haggle. The very next day my unemployment that had been held up for 2 months finally was released and guess how much it was? $2,500 and change! Hallelujah — GOD IS ABSOLUTELY GOOD! So, now I have a vehicle of to get me back and forth to work and my wife can have her Jeep back!
  • A little over a week later, a different coworker asked me to pray for him. He was having severe pain, couldn’t eat anything, was pale, worried about a specific bill not being paid and I discerned he was beset by a spirit of fear. As Holy Spirit guided me, I placed my left hand on his right shoulder and began to pray for his healing in finances, that God would open the door and pour out a miracle for him, and that god would heal his body, his emotions, his life and I command the spirit of fear that was upon him to let him go, in Jesus’ MIGHTY name! There very next day he shared with me that his bill was miraculously paid, that he had been promoted at work, and that he had peace and love in his heart like he’d never experienced about a relationship with a woman he’d just met. I perceived the color had returned to his face and he was more vibrant than I’d ever seen him. Praise God!!! In the space of 3 days God had answered his 3 most pressing needs!

Hallelujah. I give all Glory to God!!! I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing. I’m not the expert in God stuff. I’m brand new. “For we know in part, and we prophecy in part”, says the Word. (I Cor 13:9) But, through the power of the Holy Spirit in me, He who knows ALL THINGS, I look forward to God continuing to use me as a vessel of his will, to bring LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY to those living in the world today!

I thank Prophet Robin D. Bullock and the whole Church International family for standing on God’s MIGHTY Word, for continuing to call President Trump back to his rightful anointed place, and for providing an excellent model for me to model my fledgling prophetic ministry of SIGNS, WONDERS, and HEALING on.

God is Absolutely Good!!!!


Dear Prophet Robin D. Bullock and Church International family:I have been hearing your call for PRAISE REPORTS each week, and as a TITHER to Church International (for that’s where I’m being fed) and avid viewer of the Eleventh Hour and Eljah Streams programs, I have been seeking an opportunity for a great TESTIMONY. I finally have one!


On last Monday (May 24) I was watching the replay of Sunday’s Church International when I heard the name “Eric” mentioned. Prophet Robin D. gave a PROPHETIC WORD to Eric and I said “That’s ME! I’m Eric and I receive this word!”

The prophet said Eric had “… too much astrology in his life, too much mess in his life and it is HINDERING his gifts. That’s all its doing. It’s just holding him back.” When I heard this, I knew this was definitely applicable to my life. For, before I really had a true conversion experience, I was a Christian in name only, and before that had been deep into the occult and new age teachings, but not realizing they were of the devil.

Here are the other things the prophet said that struck me about “Eric”:

  1. He’s going to have to leave FOOLISHNESS alone, because he has a PROPHETIC gift. And it’s a prophetic gift that wants to operate through his talent.
  2. There is more power in two of his fingers that there are in every OUIJA BOARD that will ever be played with. And ERIC will walk with GOD!
  3. Be TOTALLY free, because he IS a BELIEVER. He is just being MASKED and HINDERED. In Jesus Name!
  4. Now Eric has a lot of FEAR in his life. And I don’t know what that comes from, but I heard it in the SPIRIT just now. So, we want to break that spirit of FEAR off of ERIC in the name of JESUS.
  5. Tell him that Jesus loves him more than he has ever imagined.


After I heard the word and received it, I began immediately to act on it.

I knew that even though I had already BURNED most of my occult and astrology books, that I still had a few that I had kept for reference. So, I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what I needed to get rid of still and He did. As I gathered up the astrology books and a few other occult books I felt FANTASTIC, like I was truly in obedience to GOD! But when I picked up my copies of The Satanic Bible and The Necronomicon I sneezed rapidly seven times and I KNEW that these books needed to go.

I threw the books in the trash instead of burning them because Holy Spirit said the rotting meat slathered all over them would keep people from retrieving them.

As a BABY PROPHET, who only recently was CALLED through a RHEMA WORD from God while watching an Eleventh Hour Broadcast in November of 2020 to the OFFICE OF PROPHET, I’m just reveling in MIRACLES, SIGNS, and WONDERS GOD has been able to do through me so far!

But, I had felt since about February, that I had lost some of my Godly “mojo”. I want to be able to heal people. I seek his face and DEVOUR his written word daily! My wife and I speak Ephesians 6 every morning, putting on the whole armor of God before we go out into the world.


Well, praise God, after over 6 months being out of work, actively seeking work in my field of training (Web Development) and losing out on several opportunities because of a felony marijuana charge from 2015, before I really found Jesus and got serious about God’s Word, I finally got a job! It wasn’t what I was looking for, but from my very first day working the parts counter, I knew that this was exactly where I was supposed to be!

Well, from my first day on the sales floor, I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me to minister to those in need. Little did I know that it would be one of my own co-workers, who I’ll call “Don”, who confessed his hidden Christianity to me. We struck up a friendship that day, and I don’t even know what I said, but as he was asking me questions, the Holy Spirit spoke through me and recited scripture to help him with personal emotional, family, and health challenges he was facing in his life. I felt like God was using me for a great purpose and a new phase of my ministry was beginning right there, with Don at the auto parts store.

From that very first experience, I spoke the word of God, and shared it whenever the Holy Spirit guided me to, and my obedience to God was rewarded in bring peace to a few of my new coworkers. I also had the opportunity to speak about God with a few customers since then and it has been glorious!


Well, I suppose the above is testimony enough, as Sir Roth would say, but I feel like God want’s me to testify in full abou the TWO MOST MIRACULOUS sequences of events that happened since I obeyed the word given by PROPHET ROBIN D. BULLOCK on May 23.

The exact same day that I release those satanic/occult books the Holy Spirit led me to minister to my assistant manager, whom I’ll call “Bear”. I had actually began ministering to him the previous day (because I worked Sunday) as Spirit led me and sharing scriptural solutions to worldly problems. He had grown up Christian singing in a gospel choir, but was turned off to religion/church when a relative told him his Grandma was in Hell because she wasn’t baptized in the Holy Spirit. He also confessed to me that he had been a severe drug addict which started during his career as a professional wrestler.

I had been telling Bear that Sunday that the only requirement to get into Heaven was salvation through Jesus Christ, and that as long as his Grandma was saved, she was in Heaven. But, that the Holy Spirit gives men power to resist the devil and perform healing and other miracles while in the earth. Our time was cut short, so as he was counting my drawer at the end of my shift on Monday, he mentioned that he’d love to continue our conversation about the nature and purpose of Holy Spirit.

Sunday night I prayed for guidance in how to explain the nature and purpose of the Holy Spirit to him. I knew these things in my heart and soul, but for some reason, I couldn’t find the words to express them. So, Monday evening, as Bear is counting my money, and I’m searching my heart for a scripture to share with him, I get real quiet, I feel my eyes close, my left hand begins to point to him as he is sitting in his chair and the LORD begins to prophecy though my lips:

“God says you are to run a sort of orphanage, taking care of kids, lost children, and guiding them back to the right path. You are this big tall man, but you have the heart of a teddy bear and you want to protect the children. This is what God has sent you to do. I have seen you being very successful and helping lots of kids get off the streets and find their way.”

Of course that’s a paraphrase, because I have trouble remembering the exact words when Holy Spirit speaks through me, for they are not my words, but God’s.

When I opened my eyes, Bear was looking straight at me with mouth open in awe, jaw dropped on floor, and he had stopped counting the money temporarily. He began to share with me about how he had recently taken in two teenage boys who “had nowhere else to go”. About how his daughter was actually the daughter of one of his wrestling buddies who asked him to care for her and keep her safe.

I said “How could I know that? I can’t! But, the Holy Spirit told me! Only through God, because HE knows!” You should have seen his eyes get misty. It was all I could do to hold my own tears back at how good God was. Bear confessed that he had been praying and searching for God’s purpose for his life. That day, God answered through his prophet. I felt a moment right there and I asked Bear if he minded if I gave him a hug and then we “bro-hugged” (where you curl your hand and forearm as you pull the other person in for a DEEP hug). It was SPECTACTULAR!

I risked it all — I could have been fired if Bear had thought I was weird or totally rejected my approach — but, I obeyed and GOD triumphed over the devil that day! Through my obedience, who knows how many people GOD touched that day? Who knows what ripple effects that will come from this one tiny, seemingly-insignificant event?

Praise God Hallelujah.


As if that wasn’t enough, about two weeks later Don approaches me in private at work and asks me to pray with him. He is visibly distressed and his face is pale. He explains to me that has been in more physical pain that usual, that he has a bill coming due and he doesn’t know where the money is going to come from, and there were assorted family issues as well. The Bible says “ask and you SHALL receive”. As Holy Spirit guided me, I placed my left hand on his righ shoulder and began to pray for his healing in finances, that God would open the door an pour out a miracle for him, and that god would heal his body, his emotions, his life and I command the spirit of fear that was upon him to let him go, in Jesus’ MIGHTY name!

I KNEW from my own experience that God IS FAITHFUL, and that his WORD has POWER. I had no doubt in God, but I was not 100% confident that Don would be able to receive my prayers and the Word God declared over his life through his prophet (me). The very next day, about 2 hours after I started my shift, Don pulls me aside and shows me a text alert on his phone that says some money came through and his bill he was worried about has been paid in full. HALLELUJAH! I said “That’s God, brother. He has answered your prayers! Remember to thank him for his goodness.”

As if that wasn’t enough, that same day Don was promoted at work to a level of responsibility one step closer to manager, which is his desire — to manage his own store again. Then yesterday, I told a lady I spoke to on the phone about car issues to bring her car to the store so we could have a better opportunity to diagnose her temperature control issues. I pulled Don in to help based on his expertise and they clicked and she ended up offering him her number and they have been texting each other ever since. He confessed to me before I left — since he was counting my drawer in his new level of responsibility — that he had been praying for God to send him the right woman. But, wait, I forgot to tell you that whereas the day before when he looked pale and overcome with fear, the day after I was led to pray for him his face had regained its color and looked more healthy and vibrant than I had ever seen him.

In the space of 3 days God had answered three of his most pressing needs! Hallelujah. I give all Glory to God!!! But, I confess, I believe that somehow my prayer for him helped unlock God’s blessings. I still don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not the expert in God stuff. I’m brand new. But, through the power of the Holy Spirit in me, He who knows ALL THINGS, I look forward to God continuing to use me as a vessel of his will, to bring LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY to those living in the world today!

God is Absolutely Good!!!!

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