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Praise Report: 2021-08-22 — I Prayed to God for $800

PRAISE REPORT: I prayed for $800 and God delivered!!!

God is ABSOLUTELY GOOD! Hallelujah!

DISCLAMER: This is neither bragging nor boasting, but rather proclaiming the works of the LORD! For the scripture says:

“Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, MAKE KNOWN HIS DEEDS AMONG THE PEOPLE” — I Chron. 16:8

About 3 weeks ago, after my last paycheck, I started believing God for $800. I knew he had been faithful in other things, and I wanted enough that my wife Kat could get things she needed and that I could get things I needed, and for us both to be satisfied. I calculated that $800 should more than cover it.

I had been praying in tongues, worshipping via music, and just talking one-on-one with the Father to see what he needed me to do and just drawing near to him every day. I would say “Thank you Father, for my $800 after taxes! It feels so go, and now I have the tools to create my wood trays as you advised”, etc.

Well, Thursday was payday. Now the most I’ve ever gotten was about $500 net, and that was before they started deducting for insurance premiums and $100 federal withholding. So, there was no earthly way I, in my own power, could make $800 at my parts store job in 2 weeks, take-home pay. Now, my wife and I get paid on the same biweekly schedule. So, imagine my joy when after calculating all the expenses, she comes to me and says total left is $789 give or take. Did I complain? NO! I rejoiced and said “Thank you LORD for our $800! You promised, and you delivered! You are an absolutely good God!!!!!”

How did that happen? Well, some people were out sick from work, so I got about 8 hours of overtime and made commission, AND both my company and Kat’s boss decided for different reasons to give us bonuses ($150, and $100). So, even after paying all our bills, including TITHE and OFFERING (We pay %15 tithe as of a month ago), we ended up with just short of $800.

Praise God!

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