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Prophetic Dream: 2021-09-06 — Hillary Clinton, Freddy Krueger Boebert, Dead Baby Evidence

A prophetic dream summary

Published: 2021-09-08 (dreamed on 09/06/21)

Hillary Clinton was in a an evil basement of concrete, like part cinder block basement on the left and the right part was like a portion of a concrete stadium.

I knew in the dream that Hillary (HRC) was responsible for what was going on. I looked in horror and disgust as there were bread loaf sized aluminum pans on an assembly line, each one containing bread baked in the shape of a human newborn baby. She was dressed in a cornflower blue political woman’s dress suit (I think it is called a pencil skirt suit).

I thought about going to get the authorities and I don’t know if I did or not, but I only turned away for a moment and in the blink of an eye, most of the babies in pans were gone! The proof of these baby murders was being destroyed by someone.

Then I noticed a young goth business woman who looked like an evil Lauren Boebert and was dressed like Freddy Krueger (including fedora hat, knife glove, and striped shirt), except the had was black and the shirt was black and gray alternating stripes. She was not wearing glasses and I could tell that she was HRC’s arch-hench-woman who was responsible for the disposal of the babies and the evidence of the crime.

US House Rep. Lauren Boebert (R.)(source:
US House Rep. Lauren Boebert (R.)(source:
Women's Freddy Krueger costume (source:
Women’s Freddy Krueger costume (source:

Not wanting all the evidence to disappear, I quickly took a photo with my smartphone, but just as quickly the lights went off for a split second. When the came back on, instead of the baked babies, there was just one large turkey roasting size aluminum pan with red foamy liquid, that seemed to me to the remaining dead babies bodies blended up into a sort of soup.

It was disgusting and I was horrified. I went up to the balcony and there was a metal duct very close to the floor (not on the ceiling) and I was about to crawl into it and sneak out to blow the whistle. Then I woke up.

In this dream like many others, I was representing somebody else. My actions were not my own, nor necessarily the same choices I, Eric Lee Hepperle, might have made in those situations. But, it was a vicarious glimpse into somebody else’s experience. I believe God showed me what a whistleblower had witnessed and I was told to publish this and make it known.

Hillary Clinton & Princess Dianna of Wales. HRC wears a pencil skirt suit.
Hillary Clinton & Princess Dianna of Wales. HRC wears a pencil skirt suit like the one in my dream.


Screenshot: Prophetic Word: 2021-09-03 — Geneva Junction Oak Tree Blessing – Pt 1 (Copyright © Eric Hepperle, 2021)

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