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Prophetic Dream: 2021-09-08 — Spanish Brothers, Child Traffickers, and Saving Young Mothers

A prophetic dream summary

Published: 2021-09-08

I am writing about this dream after the fact. I thought I already published this one, but apparently I didn’t, so here we go.

In the dream there was a young mother who was pregnant and had about a six year old daughter. She was held captive along with other young women. She seemed to be drugged when I encountered her. She was stunned but trying to escape some carnival (carnival of souls?). I took her by the hand and said “Let’s go”, as I she was trying to ask me to help her and her daughter escape. She was wearing a long white/light blue night gown. Nobody else at the carnival faire seemed to notice her.

We ran across a bamboo monkey bars sort of maze to exit the jungle. We knew the “Spanish Brothers” were after us. The only one I remember looked like the lead singer of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) — a white guy with an afro.

Next thing I know it was night. I must have hidden the girls somewhere or sent them on ahead because I found myself hiding among the hunters (the Spanish brothers — two of them — and a few of their team). We were all armed with machine guns and wearing night goggles. ELO said “Do you see them anywhere?” Somebody else said “Not yet”. “Don’t worry boss, we’ll get em’!”. ELO said “Don’t let them escape!” “When I find that guy [he was talking about me, but I was standing right beside him as one of his team and he did not recognize me.]” I was concerned that he would know I was the enemy in his midst when a photo of me was finally circulated.

Next scene. I had the girls again and we were in a mall of some sort. We were all running to escape because we could see the light through the entry/exit glass doors. The little girl fell on the floor under a baby stroller and cracked her head open. She very calmly said “get her out of here!”. She was saying “save my mommy”, without using those words.

I took the mom’s hand and we both ran into an elevator whose door was just closing. The elevator was decked out with luxury leather furniture and it reminded me of nice secret society men’s clubs that I’ve seen pictured in movies.

We ended up escaping and I think the mom was safe. But, the Spanish brothers were still trafficking girls, but it was harder for them and I had really put a dent in their business.

The last scene. I was on a train and I noticed ELO but he had shaved his head to look different (a shorter hair cut, not bald). I was aware that he was still looking for me to get revenge.

End dream.

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