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Prophetic Dream: 2021-09-19 — CNN Fake News, Black People, T-Office

A prophetic dream summary

Published: 2021-09-19

I was in an office that was like a corporate news station and insurance company. It was really nice. I was standing roughly at the intersection of a mall-like structure. The boss had just hired me and I remember thinking “I’ll need to ask what the salary is”.

He told me to go get settled in. I asked him which office was mine and he basically said I could choose from several different styles and locations. Then he said something like “You never know what tomorrow is going to bring: this business is always in flux”

I began checking out all these offices at the intersection of a “T” shaped hallway, where the top of the T was about the largest office with fake wood panelling.

On the left side of the “T” shaft, nearest the intersection was a series of rooms that were curved and separated like an onion. I decided the one at the very left armpit of the T would be mine. The offices on the shaft were sleek and modern, while the ones on the top bar were very 1970’s-ish and dated.

I stepped into the office right below mine on the shaft and noticed it was a makeup room. I marvelled at how half the people getting made up to go on TV live broadcast were younger black folk. One tall black guy with a short afro looked at me in slight contempt as he walked right by me and out of the room, presumably to go on TV.

I observed that even the black folk, no matter how light or dark their skin, required a makeup treatment. A light layer of white powder was applied first, presumably so that the makeup would then adhere easier to the skin. Then a bunch of colors were added that basically ended up making the same color of the person’s skin. Was all that trouble really necessary?

There were about 26 people in that room.


This was the news industry. But, why was there and “insurance sales” component?

End dream.

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