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Prophetic Word: 2021-08-22 — Church Leaders Must Stand Up to Government!

A prophetic word for Church Leadership:
Stand Up to Government! Preach My Word to the People and Get Out of Your Buildings!


This is a prophetic word God gave me on August 22, 2021 directed at the Church, the Body of Christ, and His Ecclesia.

God said:

“But, the LORD is tired of those wolves dressed as shepherds leading His people astray. Even now He is raising up a remnant and as in Gideons day, separating the wheat from the chaff, cutting off the unproductive fruit and winnowing down to a final (metaphorical) 300. Thus says the LORD “I am seeking leaders who will preach my Word as I wrote it, teach what my Son Jesus taught, allow my Holy Spirit to move, and operate in true signs and wonders. Are you prepared? Are you prepared for deliverance ministry anointings in abundance? Are you prepared for those who speak and heal through only the Word? Are you prepared for standing for ME and my message and my ABSOLUTE GOODNESS among those who will NOT stand in the face of attacks from government and attacks by RELIGIOUS SPIRITS, For these spirits dwell on the earth and cause more havoc in the chutch, in my body than the government ever could.

Are you prepared to STAND? Satans original lie, as the FATHER OF LIES, was simply “Did God really say that? No, that’s not what he said”. But you asked me to lead you away from temptation, so I gave you MY Holy Spirit. He will guide you in everything, and you have the mind of Christ, and you know all things if you are prepared to believe the answer I show you.

The good of the people is in the hands of the church. But, if my shepherds allow wolves dressed as sheep to come and whisper lies to my children, then the blood of those turned away from my TRUTH through the lies of the deceiver working through the weak church leaders will be upon your heads!!

For too long. Since the one you called Lyndon Johnson, you have let money (501c3 status) get in the way of preaching my message. Why do you STAY locked up in a building that is meant as a meeting place to prepare you to minister to others, then you go home and seem to forget everything you learned there?

I am seeking a remnant who will speak truth to GOVERNMENT! My people have been led astray on the purpose of “give unto Ceasar” and have used that as a basis to stay out of politics. You are playing it safe. NO MORE!

Those who will not speak my truth directly to GOVERNMENT will be cut away from the vine. Fear not, for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but the evil one has given you deceit and confusion. But, if you are following in my will I will STRENTHEN YOU that no weapon aimed at you will hit its mark. All attacks will be deflected.

Did I not STRENGTHEN Moses in front of pharaoah? Did I not strengthen Elijah in front of Ahab? Did I not strengthen Samuel when time came for him to tell Saul to step down as leader of Israel?

I am the LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and have you not read I CHANGE NOT?

Then believest thou that I WILL strengthen you and no strategy of the Devil will succeed against you, and I will be faithful and do it, as I am not a man that I should lie.

Stop hiding in your building on Sunday, and instead share my Word, the Gospel, by example and your actions. For, you will not even need to say “I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ”, because the World will KNOW you are my follower by your deeds AND your words.

Stand up, open your eyes, your ears, and your HEART and climb into my bosom and draw near to me as a child and know that I LOVE U. Thus says the Lord God of Hosts.”

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