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Prophetic Word: 2021-08-25 — Four Condors and the Liberty Statue Curse

A prophetic word summary

Published: 2021-08-27

This is a quick summary of some prophetic words God gave me during the last seven days.

  • He said there will be something to do with CONDORS and the number FOUR
  • He will bring the Statue of Liberty down and it will crumble to the feet, into the sea. But, not only that, there is something he will be doing around MT. RUSHMORE, for, as the LORD said “There are things there that you do not know about”. Evil things, unholy things that will be revealed in times to come.
  • A curse will be upon anyone who tries to rebuild these statues. As with Joshua’s curse on Jericho. His firstborn son will die when the first brick/cornerstone is laid. His youngest son will die with the gates are hung. And his daughter will die of horrible afflictions and diseases when the final window is installed. (This could be a reference to “Windows” software also.

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