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Prophetic Word: 2022-05-15 — Statue of Liberty Antichrist Abortion – A Warning to the Bretheren

Prophetic word summary

Published: 2022-05-15

I looked and behold, I saw a statue of copper/bronze, shining to come close to the gleaming of GOLD, but a poor imitation.

Dusk was DAWNING and the statue was where the “Statue of Liberty” was, but it was obviously a statue like unto that which King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon made for himself. It was dark all around and cloudy, with the pink and orange sunrise just cracking the horizon.

I am looking from the statue’s LEFT side. For that is the SIDE that it will FALL from. And they will indeed say “Babylon the Great has fallen!”

“Lord, what does this mean?”, I asked

You will see this happen, the one you call “Liberty”, but that is a pale imitation, neigh, a counterfeit of my LOVE and FREEDOM, for he or she whom the _Son_ sets free is free indeed.

But, this statue that you think stands for “freedom” actually, in actuality, stands for OPPRESSION and IMPRISONMENT. For your forefathers — NO, not the greats like Jeffersion, Washington, Adams and Abe Lincoln — from the 1800s made a pact, a blood covenant with _Satan_ to bring destruction upon this earth, and indeed on this continent, and upon ths LAND of America.

They sealed it with a cut of their hands, their foreskins, their labias, their thighs. They sacrificed babies, children, animals, and full-grown adults and buried them under the base of the statue.

Yes, high level masonic Sorcery was involved, and the black book of the black pope (not my POPE) in the Vatican, the one who said “Heil Hitler”, even before the child was born. For as my BOOK foretold, there will come MANY anti-Christs until the FINAL one on the day of judgement.

Oh my children, how I have longed to gather you together as a hen gathers her chicks and eggs. But, you would not have it.

I, even I, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, have sent to you — MANY TIMES — ambassadors of GOODNESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and PAINSTAKING PATIENCE to show you how this statue was cursed. 100 years later-ish in 1984, when the statue was ready to crumble, a National restoration project was undertaken and “She” was “Restored”. For through those small “powers that be” that you have let in, been deceived by, and tricked into letting you and your children’s minds be brainwashed — to your own destruction — this is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says:

This statue represents EVIL and “she” must go (for it is actually a man in drag).

How will it go? The pretender will fall by a swipe of my mighty RIGHT HAND when the TRUMPET blows 7 times. I say again, for clarity, when the clarion CALL of the TRUMPette sounds SEVEN TIMES, then you will begin to see the crumbling of the EVIL idol of saitan, the accuser or devil, or anti-Christ super star (for he was once above the stars, but not above Heaven). I, the Lord, have spoken!

Lord, must we (the body) do anything to help bring the evil statue of Baal down?

No, only pray and declare my words with your mouth daily and you will see the salvation of the Lord. I the _Lord_ have spoken!

PS: No more BABY-KILLING !!! For I love the little children. And it would be better for a millstone or an anvil to be hung around their neck and be thrown into the sea than to harm, murder, maim, or kill my little ones.

For is it not written, “Jesus loves the little children of the world?” And is it not written “Father Abraham had many sons, and you are one of them?” “So let’s just praise the Lord!”

Then the Lord said unto me,

“Go forth, and share this Word. Spread it to everyone on your channel and I will protect you from the snares of the fowler and the noisesome pestilence and no weapon formed against you will ever prosper and you will be a delightsome land for you are a tither. Obey and declare MY WORD (RHEMA & LOGOS) and you will see the Salvation of the LORD!

And your teeth will be healed. Enamel will be supernaturally restored, and your mouth, your face, your smile, and your presence will be a delightsome land unto the children of God, my body. For I am the head and wherever I go, the body must follow.

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