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Prophetic Word: Trump Won the Election and will be President through 2024


I posted a meme on Facebook yesterday that basically said I support President Trump, Guns, Pro Life, Pro Police, there are only two genders, etc. Basically the opposite of the Marxist agenda to destroy America. A friend of mine saw my post and questioned how I could support someone so “divisive”. He brings division to a nation that continually needs healing. I honestly didn’t expect as strong of a response as I got from others. But, my friend Curtis’ comment made me realize it would be worthwhile to explain why I support Trump. So this is a response in order to clarify and also includes a prophetic word God spoke as I was finishing up. Comments are welcomed. I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

Dear Brother Curtis,I’ve heard the “brings division” and “devisive” charges against President Trump from others. The majority of them have been hypnotized by the mainstream media into believing that, because there has been a strategic concerted effort by socialists and Democrats since the 1800s to destroy the Judeo-Christian and Christ-centered values of America in order to ENSLAVE God’s people.

I can understand why you may not have even heard of this because NBC, CBS, ABC, and especially CNN do their absolute best to keep the people from hearing the real truth. There’s plenty of evidence that Trump is actually the good guy and good for America if you take the effort to research it. I wont presume to know the contents of your mind, Brother Curtis. I believe you are good God-fearing man who has been hoodwinked like half the country into believing everything the Democrats and their media mouthpieces say. The reason they are such good liars, so plausible and believable, is because most of them are GREAT conmen/conwomen.

The evidence of all their crimes is out there. Why do you think the false prophets of Baal (mainstream media) have been blocking Trump and anyone sharing his posts? Oh sure, their narrative they want to push is that Trump is some kind of Hitler (which is furthest from the truth) and therefore anything anyone does to obstruct him is fair game. But, they know that is not true, and they use this big lie to manipulate others who DON’T know any better into doing their dirty work and hating a man for something he never did. Some people have just decided they need somebody to hate and the corrupt “deep state” have picked just the right patsy (they thought) for the deceived people to focus their anger against. President Donald J. Trump.

But, they know that is not true, and they use this big lie to manipulate others who DON’T know any better into doing their dirty work and hating a man for something he never did.

The prophet Hosea said “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). This is exactly what he is talking about. You probably only know that Hitler was an evil, man. But most people don’t bother to research and understand that the Nazis were socialists. Like AOC, Biden, Harris and Pelosi. Socialists.

There is only one savior and that is Jesus Christ who shed his blood on the tree to cover all our sins. But God sent us Trump to be the hero those of us who’ve experienced corruption in government or law enforcement have been waiting for. But, the witchcraft and manipulation of the mostly Democrat/socialist and even some Republican politicians have fooled even the smartest people for decades. Do not feel bad if you did not catch their clever deceptions, for they have been at this charade a lot longer than you have been alive.

My Background as a Social Justice Democrat

Until I started listening to testimonies of black conservatives like Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, and Justice Clarence Thomas I didn’t know much of what my eyes were slowly opened to. But, as I listened to alternative black voices I began to learn that much of what I had believed as a young socialist democrat activist for freedom and racial justice was all wrong. I had been deceived. I had lived many years of my life thinking I was a fighter for social justice and change, when really I had been duped into believing a cleverly constructed narrative designed to make me hate my country, hate the police, hate my parents, and hate the church.

The Democrats and corrupt Repubs (collectively called “Deep State”) have done their best since Lyndon Johnson to bring our country down and turn the hearts and minds of the people away from the loving and just hand of Almighty God.

But God has chosen Donald J. Trump for such a time as this. How do I know this? Because I received a rhema word from God and he has chosen me along with many others to be newly-minted prophets for a new thing he is doing in the Earth.

God told me (and many others) that Trump is a sinner (which of us can claim to be perfect?), but that he has been anointed as a Cyrus to deliver this country from the bondage of evil. He especially isn’t happy about babies and children being murdered through abortion and ritual child rape among the political elite.

God also said that as his chosen one, Trump is President and WILL sit in the White House for the next 4 years. He has told other prophets this as well. Even if the deep state successfully inaugurates Biden on the 20th, God will kick him out.

There is massive evidence that Biden stole the election illegally through criminal means. But your mainstream media wont show you this. Or if they do, they’ll downplay it. They are lying to you for money. Their are getting paid millions of dollars to tell you what their masters want you to believe. Ever since Trump was elected and the corrupt repubs learned he couldn’t be bought, even Fox news has told many lies about our president to try to get him out of office. President Donald J. Trump is so rich that he can’t be bought. He is a shrewd negotiator in business so he can see through BS and attempts at manipulation. He is the perfect man for such a time as this.

As somebody who is involved in government yourself, can you not see that it is the media and the corrupt political establishment who have been deceiving and gaslighting us for so long? “Surely the media will tell us if the government is misbehaving”, you think. “And surely the government, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies would let us know through indictments and arrests if the media is misbehaving.” But, nope. Not if they are in on the corruption together. Have you ever worked a union job? “Surely the union will protect me if the company mistreats me”, you may also believe. But, nope. Not if they are “in bed together”, as they say. This is why you are hearing that Trump is all kinds of evil: because those in the mainstream media and big tech (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc.) AND top positions in the Justice Department and Intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc.) are all in on it with the Democrats.

The Devilish Art of Projection


One of the deep state’s greatest techniques is called “projection”. It works like this: out of the blue they accuse you of doing something bad that you are not doing. But in reality, the accusers are the ones actually doing the bad thing. Projecting your crimes is effective because it confuses the people. You are telling the truth about what happened, but you identify someone else as the guilty party so it sounds true enough, especially if you’ve already got the people riled up based on their false witness.

For Example:

They falsely accused Trump of “Russian Collusion” for 3 years, then impeached him over a perfect phone call. It was recently proven that Hillary paid a team to come up with that strategy but it was originally intended to be used on Bernie Sanders. Further, it has been proven with much evidence (seek and ye shall find) that Joe Biden and his son have direct criminal dealings with Ukrainian, Russian, and Chinese oligarchs.

But, and I’m not saying a man of your heart and intelligence would fall prey to this, when people have already decided to hate a person for one reason or another, they tend to believe whatever supports that view without doing their own research or giving the falsely-accused a fair chance. What’s even worse, though not their fault, is the sources they would usually turn to (mainstream media, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, social media) are all biased toward big lies and in our modern parlance, a leftist/communist mindset. (Socialism is just the sheep’s clothing that the wolf of Communism comes dressed as). By big lies I mean, given that it’s TRUE that some cops are corrupt, manipulative politicians will tell a big lie outright stating that this is a “large systemic problem” when it’s really not. Sure you had a run in with cops because you fit the profile of a ne’er-do-well and got mistreated. That’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t mean that all cops, most cops, or even many cops are corrupt. In fact, statistics show that — as we can predict from the 80/20 (bell curve) rule, that most cops are good, compassionate, law abiding citizens.

Where to find the Truth

Now you can choose to believe this or not. Frankly, I hope you don’t. I hope that for your own edification you would investigate the matter for yourself. I hope you might choose to fast for 3 days and meditate on the Word that you might clearly hear the voice of the Lord. In any case, I exhort you not to do the same thing and resort to the same “news” and “information” sources, especially the ones I have mentioned above as being unreliable at best. When you are searching for the truth about what is going on in a time like this, I encourage you to search for the following individuals before it is too late and in this broad-daylight socialistic purge of “undesirables” (the same term used by Nazis about the Jews, homosexuals, mentally ill, and physically deformed German citizens who ended up in concentration camps and the gas chamber in the 1930s and 40s) they are de-platformed and “disappeared” from social media:

Seek ye first the Kingdom

Finally, I am not trying to convince you that I am right. But, what I am doing brother, for your own benefit, and out of love for you, is taking the time to share the good news with you. God has sent President Trump for such a time as this. To hold back the attack of communism and socialist undermining of our country (don’t get “socialist” confused with what they did in Acts when everyone pooled their belongings together. That was something different), which would result in God’s judgement. To make the USA a better place for law-abiding citizens. To deal justly and fairly with those who break the law and evil-doers. God has sent many hundreds of prophets for such a time as this. For he tells us in Amos that he does nothing without first revealing it to his prophets:

“Certainly the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret plan To His servants the prophets.” — Amos 3:7 NASB”

God does not want civil war. But, he knows that is what the elites are planning. A civil war and a world war simultaneously, in order to drastically reduce the population. But, they cannot stop these wars unless they succeed in tricking the people into agree that their wars are necessary and wanted. I urge you not to agree with the warmongers brother. They mean you no good and only wish total annihilation of God’s children.

God prophesied that Trump would win the 2020 US Presidential Election and HE DID. All evidence proving this has been scrubbed from social media as of about a week ago. This should cause you great concern. Not to mention all the thousands of dead people that voted.


Some who also got the word from God that Trump would win have taken to backpedalling and apologizing for missing it. But, they didn’t miss it. Trump won. The corruption in “the DC swamp” is so thick and so entwined like a Leviathan spirit around the whole apparatus of government that only the most courageous are willing to stand with President Trump, no matter what attack the Devil throws at them.

God also said that he was doing something covert/undercover and not to be alarmed if it looked like Trump would not be our President, despite his massive landslide win which caused the Democrats to have to cheat a lot rather than a little. God is exposing all the corruption right now. Trump could have signed an executive order from day one and all this would have been over. He would be sworn in as president, by law, and the corrupt politicians would all be in jail. He could have done that. But, this wasn’t about winning the election. This was about doing everything step-by-step by the book to so that those with eyes to see and ears to hear could observe the blatant corruption a crimes of those controlled by the enemy, for themselves. This way you wouldn’t have to take his word for it, because you would see it yourselves. But, we are living in unprecedented times and Social Media giants are cancelling people they don’t agree with under false pretenses. God is NOT happy with this.

It is not for me to pass judgement on other prophets, but I personally will not apologize for God. How can He ever be wrong? He is at present separating the wheat from the chaff and we are in the midst of a time of great shakings where he is pouring out his spirit on the unsuspecting, the outcasts, and the non-religious. He is anointing those who really love him and want to be disciples of his Love and his Word.

Prophetic Word: 2021-01-21

For too long“, says the Lord, “My church, the Holy Body of Christ, has lost the meaning of the good news. They have neglected the commission to ‘make disciples of all nations’ — meaning un-Christed peoples everywhere — and decided to complacently play church. Churchianity is dead. Tradition without works and healing ministries is dead. I will raise up great healers in this time“, saith the Lord. “They will lay their hands on a person or an animal and just through their belief that person will be saved. Even healed if their faith is strong enough.

It is time for a revolution in the church. It is time for a revival like none ever seen. Not even the Welsh revival compares! Gang leaders will experience my spirit and begin speaking and praying in love to me. They will Love me and because of it, many will become disciples and traveling evangelists, preaching my Word. Not just the written word, by my auditorily revealed word. There will be many new revelations to write about. There will be many new miracles and acts to write about. For I know the plans I have for you. Be not afraid, for you were born for such a time as this to ride the ‘waves’, the ‘rollercoaster ride’ will have some scary ups and downs, but in the end, you will be ok. I am elevating those who would humble themselves before me.

Be thou one who sings?”


For any reading this who would scoff or be skeptical, if you are not familiar with the prophetic, those are understandable responses. However, if you are familiar with the prophetic, then I encourage you to take care how you judge. For I do not speak or print a prophecy unless the Lord puts in my mouth and through prayer I test the spirits to see what is truly from God.

I need no man or woman’s approval. Only God’s. As long as I am sure that I am obeying God, that is really all that matters. Even the “sons of the prophets” doubted Elijah’s prophecies about dogs eating Queen Jezebel and him being caught up in the sky with God. And they — true prophets themselves — mocked Elisha, his most faithful student, for believing Elijah and following him everywhere:

“The sons of the prophets who were at Jericho approached Elisha and said to him, “Do you know that the LORD will take your master away from you today?” And he answered, “Yes, I know it; be quiet [about it].” — 2 Kings 2:5 Amplified”

But, it all happened just as he said. Despite the scoffing and naysaying of the doubters and haters. Elijah was faithful and he was caught up alive into Heaven to live with the Lord. Elisha was faithful to his master and he received his double portion.

But, God is always true, always just, and always faithful to His word! Thus, if I am to be ridiculed and scoffed at for my belief in and obedience to God, so be it. At leas I know I’ll be in good company.

In Love,

Your brother in Christ,

Eric Hepperle


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