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Quick Minute: Daily Review – 2018 September 3

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Well, this  is going to be a new series where I will try to write a comprehensive blog post in no more than 15 minutes. So, here we go.

This is part of the “Daily Review” series. Quick Minute indicates that is a short read. I’m not too concerned with SEO or perfect punctuation in this series; just pure stream of consciousness.

So, today is a federal holiday in America: “Labor Day”. It is the one day of the year that employees are supposed to not have to work. But some do anyway. My wife, for instance is so dedicated to her job that she communicates on the phone with others from the office that take their work home with them. She doesn’t complain. She loves her job and is more than happy to help anyone who needs. it.

That’s why I love her!

I too am a workaholic of sorts. I’m not currently employed, partially because, though I’m highly qualified, I don’t live near a major city with tech jobs. The closest city to Geneva is Dothan, Enterprise, or Fort Rucker (Alabama), but even there, not too much need for web developers. Now in cities too far to commute on daily basis, like Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile there are lots of tech opportunities. I’ve struggled to find remote work, and I really don’t think it has to be that hard. But something keeps getting in the way. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m not praying enough? Every time I have an interview, I’m always told that I have great qualifications, stupendous social skills (yes, I rarely have opportunity to use the word “stupendous”, so I’m just testing it out here), and they’d like to work with me. Yet something — maybe different things at different times — keeps interfering.

I believe in the power of prayer. I wonder why I haven’t thought to pray about a job though? I mean, I actually have, but I haven’t really prayed like I wanted it. Maybe I will start praying every day for a good job that fits me and supports my family that I can enjoy. It may be just the thing I need to get rolling again.

I’m going to end it there. In the meantime, why not take a look at some of the side projects I’ve been working on recently to keep my skills up. Here is my GitHub profile, for your convenience:

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3 years ago

Great retrospect Eric. God will provide as needed. I myself only met you via Facebook a few years ago, I am proud to call you my friend.