Review: — New Product Comparison Site Offers Something More To Price-Conscious Shoppers

Orion 4-Shelf Bookcase -

10 Best Cheap Bookcases Under $60 Compared – Bauq.

While researching economical options for bookcases for small apartments I came across this informative site.  It offers pros and cons for each of 10 items, as well as providing a nice columnar list of important data consumers will be seeking for quick comparisons.  These data include a 5-star popularity rating, a price, dimensions, number of shelves (a nice touch, which indicates the content creators at really put some though and effort in providing more value than competing product comparison sites).

The site also provides short lists of around 5 sites each of where you can buy the products or items from the product category they reviewed.  Another way they actually go above and beyond is by providing names of product-specific vendors (e.g., for the “bookcases” category), as well as popular generic office supply and online shopping sites (Staples, IKEA, Amazon, etc.).

My only complaint, which is really more of slight nuisance than anything, is the layout — the site looks like it was created by a web developer (read: programmer) who has very little design experience or expertise. seems to have just come out of the woodwork, and I’m guessing it’s either new or has employed a new web analytics SEO strategy, since I’ve never come across this site previously in my research.

In any case it is now on my radar and I am eager to see how the site will develop in the coming year.  Kudos to for going above and beyond in the content area and friendliness of access to information comparison shoppers really want.  If you’ve got better things to do than spend 2-4 hours reasearching products online and are looking for a quick solution to non-sponsored products for those on a budget, next time check first.


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