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My Siamese Cat Oliver – A Photo Gallery documenting his issues With Fleas and Biting His Fur

This is my cat Oliver. He is such a good cat. He is a Siamese and ever since we got a flea infestation from an outside cat that got in the house, he has been “pulling his hair” or “eating his fur“.

He has been chewing his fur for about 3 months. When we applied Revolution flea and tick medicine to the back of his neck, the bald patches in his fur started to grow back. But the Revolution only lasted about a week, despite our spraying the house with natural cat spray.

I’m not a veterinarian, so I can be sure, but both my wife and I suspect that the the itching, scratching, and fur-biting are side-effects of the flea infestation.

(Yes, I know for SEO purposes this should probably go in the “Hepperle Homestead” website, but the problem with that is I haven’t had time to make it yet. So, for now, it’s going to just be here.)

Next is the photo gallery. If you have any suggestions or can help us determine what is going on, please let us know. We can’t really afford another vet bill and we prefer natural cures where possible.


Photo Gallery of Oliver’s Bald Spots on His Fur from Biting at Fleas

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