Sky Kitten and the World of Tommorow, with a bit on the Purpose and Format of this Blog

Birdie Claire, the black kitten found in a tree. Photo by: Kat Hepperle (Jan. 8, 2020)
Edited/Cropped by: Eric Hepperle

Occasionally from time to time you will have the opportunity to hear my opinionated stances on things, though I most often try to stay relatively neutral. For instance, I love the band Metallica’s earlier thrash metal work, but can’t stand St. Anger. I love most types of pizza, but can’t stand barbeque pizza. And I love distopian sci-fi movies, but I despise “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”. Don’t ask me why — I couldn’t really tell you. My wife freaks out whenever Billy Joel or The Who comes on the radio, and not in a good way. She almost acts like they ruined her childhood or something. I can’t figure it out or explain it. Like some things, it just is what it is.

The format of this blog (the entire blog as a whole, not just one post) — if I haven’t mentioned this already — will mimic often times my own thought processes, seemingly random at times. Often there will be lists of things that seem unrelated, but what they have in common is they are important to me.

This blog is my ‘writing diary’ so to speak, and in a way it is an exercise in self-healing and mental and emotional therapy. There will be some tough times and some healing on here. There will be laughter and pain. There will be poetry, there will be dance, there will be spirit and there will be intellect.

Sometimes the oxford comma will show up, other times not. Sometimes I will implement excellent SEO, other times the Google’s search engine machine learning (AI) algorithm will think not.

And what I write will be guided by what I (and many others) refer to as Spirit, Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, intuition, etc.

“We are all transforming at every moment into who we will be in the next”

But, though this blog is mostly for me, I hope that others will benefit from my learnings and I welcome you to join me on my journey of self exploration and transformation — for we are all transforming at every moment into who we will be in the next — and to comment and engage with me and this content. Let’s see what we can learn together and how we can become better people for the goodness of mankind!

Anyway, on with the show.

Six Things

These are some things that are currently on my mind:

  • Australia is burning and has been since last November at least.
  • My teeth are having issues. I know Spirit told me in 2016 that I would have to have several teeth removed due to past life karma where I was one who removed the teeth of suspected witches during the Salem Witch Trial period, as a form of judicial torture to elicit confessions. All, but one of those teeth have been removed and I’m not looking forward to losing the final one. Beware that just because we have karma to pay, doesn’t mean we have to suffer (in the pain sense, not the “allowing” original sense) needlessly while paying it. So, I have had teeth pulled, all with plenty of Novocaine. I’ve got a cracked metal filling (one of the last two mercury amalgam fillings remaining) in an upper left molar, which is right above the tooth that supposedly will have to come out, though it has a crown and I’ve had no problems with it. I’ve started to investigate the possibility partial or complete replacement with dental implants. I believe I may have read that titanium is the best “state-of-the-art” type.
  • Kat wants a bed because her side of the Sleep Number bed has a leak. We are saving up to get a good quality Purple mattress, perhaps in March?
  • Last year was amazing. Balboa Press has left messages for me multiple times over the past 3 years about publishing my book, but I’ve not made much progress at all. This is a bit harder than I expected. See, the issue I’m running into is I have written mostly what I wanted to say, but now I need to edit it before I send it off to ensure that nobody is unduly harmed by my memoir. That necessary self-editing is causing quite a bit of hold-up.
  • President Donald Trump has been impeached by the majority Democrat House of Representatives, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Senate will hold the impeachment trial led by Republican Mitch McConnel, but Pelosi is delaying sending the articles for some reason.
  • Tuesday was a very special day. When I arrived home from work, after stepping out of my truck I heard a tiny voice meowing loudly somewhere. I looked all over, thinking that it was a male cat somewhere in our yard. The meowing sounded frightened and possibly hurt. After 5 minutes of scanning the ground with the help of our trusty outdoor cat Sabrina, we were able to narrow the area of the meows down to around a tree. As we stood at the base of the tree, Sabrina and I, we both realized almost simultaneously, that the sound was not coming from below, but rather from above. I looked up in the tree and there about ten feet up on a branch was a tiny black furball with two big eyes.My wife was able to coax her down when she got home and hold her. The poor thing was shivering from this strange Alabama cold snap we’ve been experiencing.I was told we did not have to worry about keeping her and that she would be gone within a week, by Spirit. But, within a day, Spirit gave us different guidance and given that severe below zero weather was coming, my wife and I agreed we should take her to the vet and get her checked out. Kat took her in yesterday and since nobody has claimed her, (yes, we suspected it was a girl, but now we knew for sure) and got her dewormed and flea-treated. Now we have a 9th addition to our feline family. She is still getting used to things, but I think she likes it so far. She is also constipated and we are working on that. Her name is Claire De Lune but we nicknamed her “Birdie” because she showed up in a tree.

Now, Here’s your participation questions:
What has been powerful in your world this week? Which of these six items resonates with you the most? Have you ever had a spirit animal show up out of the blue?

Thanks for reading my work! If you enjoyed this post please share on your social media. It helps me out a lot!!

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