Burn This Place to the Ground: The Spiritual Meaning of Fire in 2020

On New Years Eve 2019 (a week ago) we (Kat and I) did a 12-month reading and I heard in my spirit the Def Leppard lyric to the song “Rock of Ages” off the Pyromania album:

“Rise up gather round //
Rock this place to the ground //
Burning up let’s go for broke //
Watch the night go up in smoke //
Rock on!”

I suppose if you were mentally ill you might think this was a call to commit arson. But I see it as a more metaphor of self-purification in the fire of truth, integrity, authenticity and discipline. Being honest about who you are, not hiding your light under a bushel and sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world. But, it is also a warning, a premonition of things to come. About how the people (young and old) are looking for a revolution and phoenix will come from the ashes. And also simultaneously about how the world is going to experience severe cases of real fire this year.

Thursday we were watching the new Netflix show “Messiah” — a must-see! — and a preacher was planning to burn down a church. Last night we were watching the 5th or 6th episode and again, but in a different context, somebody referenced “burning it down”.

New Year’s Day I began hearing all kinds of song lyrics (besides Pyromania) that mention “burning it up”, “burning it down”, or “burning” in some form or another. Just one example was that Seether song “Gasoline”.

And when on January 2nd I heard that Australia was literally burning I had the confirmation of what Spirit had been counselling me about: this year will be an important one for fire and for us to observe and understand fire.



Taken: Dec. 12, 2019

But, there is a further aspect I must acknowledge for me personally. Spirit is showing me that just as gun owners must learn gun safety and learn how to operate and work with firearms, I must learn how to work with fire in a shamanic and healing context. I must seek spiritual wisdom on purifying with fire, the agni, the spirit of Brigid, Prometheus’ gift. This does not mean setting oneself literally on fire … at least I hope not.

One way of “working with fire” is to write all your troubles on slips of paper and then burn those papers to let go of your worries. It is the same as saying “let go and let God”, except there are rituals involved that help one have participation in their own destiny.

I must reserch more.

In my Celtic Shamanism class at Portland Community College (2014) the instructor taught us a chant/poem/ritual — possibly originating with the author Tom Cowan — called “Fire in the Head”. It is a little like the hokey pokey mixed with qigong or tai chi. The first few lines are:

Fire in the head, Fire in the Heart, Fire of Imbolc” … but it sounds like “Fire of im-BOSS” … I don’t know … maybe it’s just something Mary made up. If you don’t know, Imbolc is an ancient Celtic pagan celebration of fire and Brigid the Goddess of Fire.

And Now For Your Participation Questions:

Have you had any premonitions about the year ahead? What does fire mean to you?


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