Statue of Liberty (Baal, Satan): God is Gonna Cut Down this Monstrous Idol!

About a week ago I heard one of the prophets (possibly Hank Kunneman on Victory Channel’s FlashPoint program) prophesy that God was going to crumble, crush, destroy — likely through supernatural means, but could just as likely be through humans — statues and monuments. He wasn’t very specific, just vague. And I believe I may have heard other prophets say something similar recently.

As I watched, the Holy Spirit showed me in my imagination the Statue of Liberty.

I thought to myself “No, it can’t be that — that stands for FREEDOM.” But, Holy Spirit then recalled to my mind a recent teaching from another prophet, Robin D. Bullock. In Brother Robin’s teaching he explained that the “arch of Baal” was where in ancient Mesopotamia Phoenicians, Cannanites, and even some Hebrews/Israelites would bring their babies/children under/through the arch of Baal in order to throw them — alive and screaming — into the fire as a sacrifice the false god Baal Peor.

Brother Robin said the Deep State and world leaders including Boris Johnson praised the arch as a symbol of “Freedom” and since the arch was uncovered by archaeologists at least 1000 of them have been printed to put all around the world.

Now I don’t have time to ease you gently into the future or to carefully pry your eyes open. So, if you can’t handle learning things you didn’t knows/would not let yourselves believe/the soul is not ready to take on, then please leave now. I do not wish you any harm through what I am about to uncover to you.

You have had fair warning.

Ok, if you’ve made it this far, I guess you are after TRUTH, no matter where it leads. So, like a true scientist and truth-seeker, here we go.

Witches, Satanists, and Democrats erected a 3-D arch of Baal in the park in front of the US capitol building during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, likely to attempt to curse him or demonically empower the liars who testified falsely against him.

Those connected to the arch are also connected to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in the Switzerland. According to brother Robin, the collider is built right on top of an ancient temple to Apollo.

Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, we all know from mythology and classics studies rides his chariot across the sky and thats how we get the rising/setting sun. But, unknown to most is that people used to offer human sacrifices to Apollo.

In the Bible Apollo is also called “Apollyon”, who is named a particular demon from Hell/Hades.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist. — (which author??)

Similarly, the greatest trick the demons ever pulled was convincing humans — Adam’s offspring and Abraham’s seed — to worship them as gods, create the occult, and new age philosophy. But, also, they are responsibly for hyper religious zealotry which is not a thing to be coveted.

So, I remembered from my studies of Greek antiquity that one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” was the “Colossus” at Rhodes. Colossus was a giant statue of Apollo holding a torch that supposedly straddled the harbor and acted a both an idol to worship and a beacon or lighthouse. That got me to thinking, and then I found this video and began down a “rabbi trail” as the narrator says:

Through the video above entitled “Statue of Liberty Is A MAN Dressed Like A Woman- Transgender Castrated Wife of Baal- They Mock Us”, I discovered these other interesting tidbits:

Screenshot: spiritPic_cybele_apollo_statueLibertyTransexualMan_01
Screenshot: spiritPic_cybele_apollo_statueLibertyTransexualMan_01

The seven rays on Liberty’s head represent the “seven continents of the world”, the narrator tells us. “It is the sun god that presides over the world.”

Castrated Attis

Attis was the “main servant of Cybele, or Ishtar, or the wife of Baal, the sun god.” He castrated himself and would dress up as a woman and wear this hat.

“… [N]ot only has Attis, or the priest of Ishtar and sun god worship showing up all over Egypt all over Rome all over Greece and everywhere else in the eastern Mediterranean, but is on our soils and has infiltrated America today and has literally become the epitome and the torch of freedom is bondage.”

Anyway, I did some more research and located only a few more sources that also had similar perspectives.

So, based on my research, I believe that the Statue of Liberty given to us by the French that sits in New York harbor is actually a giant IDOL designed to curse America — especially those who hold to the US Constituion and the Word of God (Holy Bible) sacred — while at the same time giving satanists and modern-day Baal cult members an idol to worship. In a nutshell it is a curse to most Americans unwittingly by giving them an idol to an ancient false god — Apollo, Mithras, Attis, Helios, or whoever.

Through that research and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit I surmised that the Statue of Liberty was what the prophet was referring to. Then yesterday in Sunday’s worship service for Lord of Hosts Church, Pastor Hank came right out with it and mentioned the Statue of Liberty twice by name, along with the George Floyd mural (which was struck by lightening and destroyed recently, by the LORD), and some other “structures” as things that will miraculously and mysteriously “crumble”, although he was quick to say “don’t put words in my mouth”.

So, I believe the Statue of Liberty doesn’t stand for liberty and freedom from governmental tyranny that we thought it did. Rather, I believe it honors a tranny cult member worshipper of the demon/false god Apollo, which is a member of Satan’s army and horde, and seeks to steal, kill, and destroy all God-fearing people. I believe the statue is partially responsible for all the abortion (child sacrifice) in America.

But, most of all, I believe, like the iconic “Planet of the Apes” image, we are going to see the LORD topple that monstrous abomination to righteousness and Godly living in the UNITED STATES. Hallelujah!

Now, watch and see if this doesn’t come to pass.

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Frank Burton

Fridericus Bartholdi was illuminati and the statue of liberty is a statue representing satan.If you Google Fridericus you will see him with his right hand in his jacket this is called the sign of the master of the second veil.Our countries founders aren’t who we were taught they were.

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