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My notes on design projects. Includes software design, web design, graphic design, golden ratio, sacred geometry, InDesign, Adobe products, etc. I’m a much better graphic designer than I every was a software developer/engineer.

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Is DropBox a good alternative for a WordPress CDN (image hosting site)?

Image via CrunchBase Is DropBox a good alternative for a WordPress CDN (image hosting site)? 11/15/11 10:06 PM So, tonight I’m seeking a better FREE solution for hosting my images for blogging purposes.  Up until now I have always used Photobucket, but recently I have experienced some issues with some of my images not showing […]

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Are & Software Reviews Even Credible or Reliable Anymore?

So I have been using Acronis True Image Home 11 since 2009, and have been using other incarnations of the software since 2004.  Acronis has always proven a very reliable (and free) option for backing up and creating hard disk drive images in my own personal experience.  In fact, the only problems I’ve ever had with […]

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SOLVED! Dreamweaver CS3 ColdFusion “preview in browser” not working or broken (Windows)!

Dreamweaver CS3 “preview in browser” not working! I found this solution after much research – it is a cached Google post and the original site doesn’t seem to exist anymore: Apr 20 2010 RE: cannot test to IE or Firefox using Dreamweaver 8 html or cf sites Posted By: Randy I realize that the original […]

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How to Delete Multiple Facebook Friends the Easy Way.

UPDATE: Due to Facebook’s continuous changes and “improvements”, (as of 03/01/12)this method is no longer effective. Therefore, watch for an app I am designing that will give you the control to remove friends just by clicking a checkbox.Watch for this new project on my programming blog CodeSlayer2010 go to your profile page (not home page) […]