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Parable: Woman Who Sought Truth and God’s Message of Love

GodsHeartOne day a truth seeker found herself in a very stressful situation. Having over-analyzed all the world religions and philosophies searching for what is real in a sea of myth and fairy tales, she eventually came the the conclusion that all of it was hogwash. Yet she felt that there must be a god out there somewhere.

In earnest she began praying, meditating and chanting every night. She prayed to know how people should live. What their purpose was. And what their relationship with God was. She focused her life on praying, determined to get an answer from God. To be holy she reasoned, she should ignore all modern conveniences and spend most of her day suffering and praying for the answers. But the answers didn’t come.

After 3 weeks, as the sun was rising a loud knock came to her door. She ignored it because she was in the middle of praying and figured that to break concentration would make the prayer fail. For a split second she heard a voice in her head say “Answer It”, but she doubted the voice and continued to ignore it, because she couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t just her own mind and her own will telling her to answer. She was determined to get the answers from the universe and deny her own wants and needs. Whoever it was knocked twice more and then finally went away. The woman, in order to dedicate herself to finding truth from God shut out her friends and family and began to grow cold and distant.

Three months of silent prayer and meditations passed. Every day and every night the woman spent asking God to reveal his truth to her, but she received no response. One day she stopped praying to use the bathroom when the phone rang. A voice told her to answer it, but she ignored the voice thinking it was just her mind playing tricks on her. The phone rang two more times and each time the voice told her to answer it, but she ignored it each time, and eventually it stopped. The next day she received a notice that they were foreclosing on her house and she had to move in with a distant relative who didn’t know her very well. She lived with her distant relative for 3 years, but stayed secluded in her own room and never talked to anyone.

Three years passed with no response from God. By now she was malnutritioned and close to death. She had so alienated her friends and family that they didn’t want to be around her anymore and she became homeless. Destitute she gave up praying and became a drunk and determined there was no god. Cynically, she would recall stories of her wasted life to everyone. She would explain that she knew all along God never existed but foolishly she decided to “give religion a try”, since science didn’t seem to have the answers.

10 years flew by in which she continued to be bitter about how she wasted most of her life for a God that didn’t even exist. One particular day when she was more sober that normal, she happened to walk by a sign that said an Islamist teacher would be holding a free seminar to explain the nature of God and what he wants for man. “Islamists are evil killers” she thought to herself. “What knowledge could he have” she asked herself cynically? The small voice that used to talk to her years ago told her to go and see this man and listen to what he has to say. She ignored the voice however, thinking that she was just too intoxicated with liquor or going crazy.

It just so happened that on the day the teacher was to speak, the woman was so drunk she didn’t realize where she was. Having a bad case of diarrhea she entered the closest door she could find looking for a public bathroom. She stumbled to the bathroom and as she began to relieve herself, she noticed through blurry vision, a flyer on the door. It was an announcement reminding people about the free teachings that would be given by this Islamist. The woman started to gripe outloud “Even if I had wanted to go I probably missed it already”. She immediately heard that voice in her head that said “Wipe yourself and go now — you didn’t miss it.” She ignored the voice at first, the said “I’m a mess I can’t go out there like this”. The voice replied “You are perfect; go out there NOW! This is your last chance” And a third time in 7 days she ignored the voice thinking it must be her own thoughts.

The woman wiped herself and as she exited the building she was struck by a bus and died. Immediately there was a tunner with a bright light at the end of it. An angel silently took her hand and led her floating through the tunnel. At the end was gathered all her friends and family who had passed, as well as un-marked souls.

Soon after this brief and happy reunion, she was led to the pearly gates where she encountered St. Peter. St. Peter opened the Book of Life and found the womans’ name listed there and after a brief moment opened the gates and told her to walk all the way up the stairs to be judged by God.

A little frightened and confused, she ascended the stairs. Finally she stands before not just God, but 12 other figures for a total of 13. Among them were Elijah, Muhammad, Buddha, and of course Jesus.

As she gazed on the face of God with disbelief, he asked her how she felt about the way she had lived her life. Frustrated the woman could not hold her tongue and blurted out “What — you ARE real!?!? The why did you make me live such a hard life and though I prayed day and night and forsook all other worldly things for your cousel, you never gave it? Every night I prayed for anwsers but the answers never came.

God responded to her very kindly: “I am sorry you weren’t happy with you life, but I was always there for you and when you asked for answers I gave them to you.”

“No you didn’t”, the woman shouted, “– you never ONCE answered me”

God patiently waited for her to finish her rant. Then he explained to the woman the following:

“Answers and guideance isn’t always direct. When you asked to know the truth that first time, I sent a Jehova’s Witness to your door, yet you ignored them. I spoke directly to your heart and told you to answer it but you doubted my voice.

When you asked for the truth the second time, I had an old friend reach out to you on the telephone. That friend wanted to invite you to go hear a sermon by a Buddhist monk, in which you would have learned something that would have caused your brain to finally understand. But you ignored the phone call and my voice that you to answer the phone.

And near the end of your life, I gave you one last chance to follow your heart when I sent the Islamist teacher to your town. I even helped guide you so you ended up in the building when he was about to teach. If you had listened to my voice and stayed, you would have learned my truth from this teacher.

Yet every time I answered you, you continued to doubt my call.”

“I’m sorry Lord; I didn’t realize it was you trying to guide me all along! Please forgive me! Please let me try it again.”

God replied “You will have another chance, but this is your last one to live as a human.”

He continued … “I will make you a great prophet and you will be reborn as a male child. You will have the freedom to choose to listen to me as always, but when you hear my voice I will call on you to do great things. Your purpose will be as a healer and a teacher. My children have lost their heart in the trappings of modernity. You will restore them to me. I am Love and Love is me. When you share my message with someone you are sharing a piece of me.

I am both solid and energy. These things you will tell my people, who are all the people of Earth. I am both always there and never there. I have sent many to proclaim my message, some have been called prophets, others to do my will silently. You shall not be silet. When I give you a message you shall proclaim it as I spoke it to those who are in need of the message.

Tell the people that though they are scared, they should let go of their fear. Fear is the killer of mind and killer of heart. The only devil is the devil of doubt. The devil is not a person, nor an entity — it is not a tangible thing either. Rather, it is a state of mind where you believe you are not God-like and you doubt that you are worthy of my Love. Tell the people they are all worthy of my love.

My people have through fear of misunderstanding, misinterpreted my words that I have sent to them through those who hear and obey my voice. They folly because the adhere so tightly to the word, that they entirely miss the message.

Tell the people that my message is Love. I love the world that I have created so much that I keep sending people to speak my word. Some people have benefitted, but overall mankind ignores my call.

Share Love with everyone. Love is intention. Love everyone unconditionally. Forgive all who injure or offend you and you will prosper. Plant seeds of joy and happiness.

Always pre-judge people, for that is part of how I built you to keep you safe. But for my signs and words in your heart, always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Treat everyone with kindness. Share what you have, even when it is your last. The more you give to others, the more you get in return.

I have sent witches, sorcerers, and seers to teach you — do not be afraid — learn from them, but follow my voice and you will do well. These are also my children.

I have sent charlatans, theives, and tricksters to teach you — do not be afraid — learn from them, but follow my voice and you will do well. These are also my children.

I have sent dictators, kings, and emperors to teach you — do not be afraid — learn from them, but follow my voice and you will do well. These are also my children.

And I have sent the holy and anointed-ones to teach you, whom you will fear most of because of my truth they bring — but do not be afraid — learn from them, but follow my voice and you will do well. These are also my children.

Each person’s world, is the world they made for themselves, for I have bestowed each and every one of my children with that power. You can chose love or you can choose not-love, but the more love you give the better your life will be.

Everyone who believes in anything believes in me, for I am everything.

The only true evil is to speak Love, but intend not-love.

I have sent many men, women, animals, plants, minerals, and elevated-being to teach my people. In different ages, I have sent different messengers, but all proclaimed my message of love.

I am Love. Go now, back down there, and do this and I will reward you with great joy and happiness. Share me sincerely, and my message with everyone you meet.

Tell my people that love is the answer, love is the way, love is the only truth, and most of all LOVE them even more though they reject my message.

This is the charge that will be your task”

And thus God spoke to the woman, and the angel and the dove escorted her to her new body, a baby boy, born to procliam his message of LOVE to the world. Give LOVE to everyone, and do not judge them and you will received the LOVE of God.

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