Underdog Devs DevOps Group: Week 1 Homework

Homework for this week

DevOps Study Group: 11.17.22:

Assignment 1:

Find /usr/bin/ Pick one to 3 programs, run man command on them, and give a brief report on each of the 3 chosen commands.

I’m using Git Bash on Windows 10. Git Bash does not have the “man” command, but instead uses the “-help” flag. So, whereas in -UX (Linux, UNIX) style shells you might type:

man <somecommand>

, in Git Bash use

<somecommand> -help

COMMAND 1: gpgtar

gpgtar -help

gpgtar: encrypt or sign files into an archive. I was afraid to use it so I moved onto the next command.

COMMAND 2: find

find -help

Results were basically a list of “operators, options, tests, and actions”, so I explored the documentation URL provided in the help (https://www.gnu.org/software/findutils/) which led to another URL containing the examples

Find is used to make lists of files that match given criteria which can then have other commands run on that list. These are the flag and arg types that find accepts:

  • options: affect overall operation rather than the
    processing of a specific file;
  • tests: return a true or false value, depending on the
    file’s attributes;
  • actions: have side effects and return a true or false
    value; and
  • operators: connect the other arguments and affect when
    and whether they are evaluated.

EX 1: Find all certificate files in /usr/

find /usr/ -name '*.crt'

EX 2: Find


Assignment 2:

How to count in Binary

Assignment 3:

Read about UNIX / Linux FILE permissions and provide some examples

Date Published: 2022-11-19
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